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Invest In Natural Health

Ruth’s Story

When Ruth Westreich, president of the Westreich foundation, met with the Alliance for Natural Health, USA she believed she had found a great partner in her quest to facilitate change in the fields of environmental and personal health.

I have always believed that in order to make a real impact, you need to work with organizations who understand how to move the needle, who work collaboratively, who act with integrity, who see the big picture and remain focused on the issues that really matter to the lives of real people.

—Ruth Westreich

Ruth proceeded the way that she always does when investing in a new organization. She kept her investment modest, at first, and ramped up as she confirmed that ANH met her criteria for an effective advocacy organization.

The Mission

Protect the right of all Americans to choose natural and regenerative health for themselves and the planet.

The Vision

We strive for a world in which every person has the freedom to choose dietary, health and lifestyle approaches that help to regenerate both human health and the natural environment on which we ultimately depend.


The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is the largest organization working to promote and protect natural approaches to regenerating health. We believe it is every person’s right to select the modalities of their choice to stay healthy, and that responsible healthcare means having the full spectrum of these choices available; particularly effective, safe, and affordable healing therapies based on high-tech testing, diet, supplements, and lifestyle choices.

Seeking New Partnerships

We believe that health is the most important investment we can make as a society. ANH works with numerous business and civic leaders who are concerned about the rise in scientific censorship, restricted access to a growing number of natural medicines, increasing exposures to numerous toxins, health mandates, and a lack of equity within the healthcare space. Our partners are crucial to our role in protecting natural medicine for consumers in the United States and around the world.

To learn more about investment partnerships with ANH, please email [email protected].