Dr. Jonathan V. Wright

Dr. Wright was inducted into the Orthomolecular Hall of Fame on April, 2012. Click here for more info.

OrthoAward-150x150Dr. Jonathan Wright is the Medical Director of Tahoma Clinic where he also practices medicine. A Harvard University (A.B. 1965) and University of Michigan graduate (M.D. 1969), he continues to be a forerunner in research and application of natural treatments for healthy aging and illness. Along with Alan Gaby, M.D., he has since 1976 accumulated a file of over 50,000 research papers about diet, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other natural substances from which he has developed non-patent medicine (non-“drug”) treatments for health problems. Dr. Wright has taught natural biochemical medical treatments since 1983 to thousands of physicians in the USA, Europe, and Japan.
He was the first to develop and introduce the use of comprehensive patterns of bio-identical hormones (including estrogens, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone) in 1982 and (at Meridian Valley Laboratory) directed the development of tests to ensure their safe use. He teaches use and laboratory monitoring of bio-identical hormones at several seminars each year. He also originated successful natural treatment for elimination of childhood asthma, developed treatment to stop vision loss or improve vision in the majority of individuals with “dry” macular degeneration, was the first to use aldosterone to reverse age-related hearing loss, discovered the effect of iodine on estrogen metabolism and cobalt on steroid detoxification, popularized the use of D-mannose treatment for E. coli urinary tract infection, developed effective natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, allergic and viral conjunctivitis, and Osgood-Schlatter’s disease.  In 2013, he resurrected forgotten research and treatment protocols for the application of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) to treat severe neurological problems.
Dr. Wright founded the Tahoma Clinic (1973), Meridian Valley Laboratory (1976), and the Tahoma Clinic Foundation (1996). Tahoma Clinic was established to approach disease by natural means and emphasize correction of imbalances in the body that lead to disease. The infamous 1992 FDA Tahoma Clinic “raid” (“The Great B-Vitamin Bust”) was a major impetus for Congressional reform of vitamin/mineral regulation. Dr. Wright continues to be an advocate for patient freedom of choice in healthcare.

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In 2001, Dr. Wright received the Linus Pauling Award from the Society for Orthomolecular Health-Medicine (OHM). Click here to see the award.
An acclaimed lecturer, Dr. Wright speaks nationwide on varied topics including nutritional medicine, natural hormone replacement therapies for men and women, the natural treatment of cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, the use of D-mannose for bladder infection, the health benefits of Vitamin D (including correct usage and laboratory testing) as well as many other topics. To see Dr. Wright’s speaking schedule, click here
Dr. Wright has authored or co/authored many books which are excellent tools for enhancing health and wellbeing. Click here to see all of Dr. Wright’s books.
In an effort to reach listeners across Puget Sound, Dr. Wright began his “Green Medicine” radio show, at KVI 570 Saturdays from Noon until 2 PM, in August of 2009. The show alternates call-in questions that Dr. Wright answers personally with short lectures on popular health topics. The call in phone number for the show is 888-312-5757. Dr. Wright invites you to tune in or listen via livestream at kvi.com. Past shows are posted and can be downloaded at GreenMedicineOnline.com, with a searchable database of talk topics.
If you enjoy reading articles authored by Dr. Wright, or interviews featuring Dr. Wright, you will enjoy visiting the Tahoma Clinic Blog! On the Blog, you’ll find a wealth of information from Dr. Wright and the Tahoma Clinic doctors. Click here to go to the Blog.
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