Reform Healthcare

American health care is in crisis. It is bankrupting our country. Government regulations prevent consumers from choosing health insurance policies that fit their needs. If Americans are going to have sustainable, affordable health insurance, current policies must be reformed to allow a consumer-driven health insurance market to develop.

But reforming health insurance policies isn’t enough. Health care cannot be transformed without changing the medical paradigm from one that is based on dangerous synthetic drugs to one that incorporates natural medicine, lifestyle changes, and prevention. Standing in the way is the Food and Drug Administration, a government agency that is funded by the same industry it is meant to regulate. Our FDA Death Meter site shows the toll that this crony medicine has taken on our country. If we don’t reform the FDA, then many more Americans will needlessly suffer.

ANH Victories

  • Modified the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to ensure that the Comparative Effectiveness Research program (now called the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) includes integrative medicine practitioners on the board and advisory panel.
  • Supported the extension of short-term health plans, which do not need to adhere to certain Obamacare regulations, which gives Americans more and cheaper health care options
  • Supported expanding access to association health plans, where individuals with a common profession or interest can band together and count as a “large group” for health insurance purposes. These plans also do not need to adhere to Obamacare restrictions, giving Americans more health care options.


Deaths Caused by the FDA:


—and Counting!

NOTE: These are deaths from FDA-approved drugs, vaccines, and medical devices since 2005—as reported by the FDA itself. Most experts agree that these numbers are grossly underreported, and that the real number of deaths is between 5-100x more than what the FDA is required to report. That means the actual number of deaths caused by the FDA looks like the following!

Underreporting Adjustments:


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