Save Natural Medicine

Customized natural medicines…homeopathy…health coaches and nutritionists. These are some of the mainstays of natural medicine, yet they are threatened from many sides.

Compounded, customized medicines are facing extinction because of FDA regulations. Bioidentical hormones (like estriol and progesterone) and thyroid medications made for vulnerable populations with special needs (such as breast cancer patients and people with autism) are on the chopping block. So are intravenous nutrients made for patients who often have an adverse reaction to mass-manufactured drugs, and need a more tailored treatment to boost their immune system and digestive function.

These customized medicines cut into the profits of pharmaceutical companies, who don’t want the competition.

There are other problems. Our healthcare choices are being limited in other ways, too. Trade groups are attempting to carve out state-level monopolies, restricting who can offer nutrition advice and narrowing consumer choice.

Meanwhile, the FTC and the FDA are staging a war against homeopathy, chelation, and other natural remedies that don’t fit within a narrow scope of what some officials consider the “standard of practice.”

Join ANH-USA in the fight to preserve freedom of choice in healthcare!

Victories We’ve Brought About To Protect Compounding:

  • Retained non-standardized doses, allowing compounders and doctors to continue practicing personalized medicine.
  • Removed the RCT provision from a Senate bill that would have banned compounded medications.
  • Removed the “Substantiated Need” provision, protecting a doctor’s right to practice personalized medicine.
  • Removed the “10% Rule” from the compounding bill that became law, a draconian measure that would have crippled compounding pharmacies.
  • Saved progesterone medicine that is vital in preventing preterm birth.
  • Nominated two important drugs for inclusion on FDA’s list of bulk drugs that may be compounded.

To Prevent Dietetics Monopolies:

  • Replaced a monopolistic Illinois law, allowing nutritionists to be recognized providers.
  • Defeated anti-competitive legislation in California that would have monopolized nutrition advice.
  • Won battles in Delaware and Michigan for Certified Nutrition Specialists.
  • Advanced Older Americans CARE Act to allow good nutrition advice for the elderly.
  • Achieved 19 state wins & counting– We are winning the fight against nutrition monopolies around the country.

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