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Save Homeopathy Before It’s Too Late

Homeopathy has been in use since the 18th century, is inexpensive,  overwhelmingly safe, and has substantial evidence proving its efficacy.  Efficacy has been shown with children and animals, which cannot be explained as a “ placebo effect.” Yet the federal government is in the process of upending decades of safe and successful regulation of homeopathy. The end game appears to be to ban homeopathy entirely, thereby eliminating competition for FDA approved drugs.

The government’s attack on homeopathic medicine is part of a wider attack on natural medicines that cannot go through the FDA approval process because they are not patentable as new-to-nature drugs are. This excludes safe and effective medicines form mainstream medical care and seems designed to protect drug monopolies.

Sign our petition seeking to reform a healthcare system that blocks access to natural treatments, like homeopathy.