Stop the Massive Attack on Supplements

Proper supplementation is crucial to maintaining optimal health. But the FDA is working on a policy that would remove tens of thousands of supplements from the market while also threatening the ability of the industry to innovate. Contrary to the law, the agency is trying to create a pre-approval system for new supplements similar to what is required for drugs. Read our coverage for more details on the many things that are wrong with the FDA’s policy.

The FDA’s real aim, in our view, is to destroy supplement innovation in the hope that this will eventually destroy the supplement industry—a major gift to the pharmaceutical industry, to which the FDA is beholden. It is part of a wider attack on natural alternatives to drugs that cannot go through the FDA approval process because they are not patentable as new-to-nature drugs are. This excludes safe and effective medicines form mainstream medical care and seems designed to protect drug monopolies.

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