Network Syndication Program

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Does this apply to you?

  • You publish great content related to the treatment and mitigation of disease, but struggle to find a broader audience.
  • Google searches of your practice show too few positive results or too many negative ones.
  • You need more website traffic.
  • You want to promote an integrative, personalized approach to medicine.

We can help. ANH-USA is pleased to introduce the Network Syndication Program, a FREE, turnkey system intended to help doctors publish their work more broadly and efficiently. By leveraging the power of network syndication, we multiply the efforts of individual network members to reach their intended audience and beyond. Additionally, this program works to improve search engine effectiveness and branding for network members.
Our non-profit organization was created to promote and protect the work of integrative physicians like you. We believe this program can be a powerful tool in achieving that mission by exponentially amplifying our voices. Education is the key to shifting the conventional medical standard of care to one that embraces integrative medicine!
It works very simply;

  • You join our network and begin publishing content.
  • You embed a simple newsfeed on your website, with the ability to block authors who publish content you disagree with, all with a few mouse clicks.
  • You submit your content to the network.
  • Your content is distributed across all network sites and Google indexes your name and the article.
  • You enhance your online presence and gain a much larger audience for your work.

This network is only open to those who are invited. We already have some of the leading minds in integrative medicine in our network, including Ronald Hoffman, MD (leading NYC integrative physician and host of “Intelligent Medicine” radio program), Jeanne Drisko, MD (Director, KU Integrative Medicine
Riordan Endowed Professor of Orthomolecular Medicine) and Jonathan Wright (IM pioneer and Medical Director of Tahoma Clinic).
Can we add your name to our distinguished roster?
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