Jonathan Lizotte

Jonathan Lizotte launched his nutrition industry career in 1989 when he founded Designs for Health, then a nutrition health services company. As the success of nutrition counseling services grew, so did the demand for nutritional products to satisfy the treatment requirements of the company’s team of clinical nutritionists. Realizing that a need existed for a line of nutritional supplements designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals, Jonathan led the company’s efforts in this direction. The formation of a Designs for Health branded supplement line led to mass requests from clinicians for further education and guidance, to which Jonathan responded in 1996 by directing the company’s focus toward the establishment of three primary divisions: Professional Products, Research and Education, and Practice Development. Designs for Health, Inc., is now one of the fastest growing manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements, selling exclusively to the health professionals market.

Jonathan has always been committed to facilitating patient care by maintaining Designs for Health as a professionals-only nutritional products brand. As a true professionals-only line, the practitioner-patient relationship is paramount. Jonathan firmly believes that the many problems plaguing our modern healthcare system can and will be solved by the joint efforts of the professional products supplement industry and the health professionals who use those products.