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Action Alert: Genetically Modified Frankenfish!

goodfishbadfish_200Coming to you soon—and you probably won’t know that you’re eating it.
Genetically modified salmon—the first GMO animal for human consumption—is reaching the final stages in its approval. Most terrifying: they might not have to tell us if our fish is GM or not!

This week the FDA announced a 60-day period of consultation and public hearings over whether to permit a genetically modified strain of salmon (“frankenfish” to its critics) to be eaten by humans. The approval process could take less than a year, and if it gets the green light the fish could be on the market in eighteen months.
There are two sets of hearings: whether the FDA should approve this “new animal drug application,” and whether the fish (if approved) must be labeled as genetically engineered or not. Because it is new ground for the FDA and there are no regulations about genetically engineered animals, it is being evaluated as if it were an animal treated with drugs.
AquAdvantage Salmon, designed to grow twice as fast as traditional fish, is an Atlantic salmon containing the Chinook salmon growth hormone gene, plus an antifreeze protein gene from the ocean pout—an eel-like creature from a different family of marine organisms.
The fish has been created by AquaBounty Technologies of Boston, Massachusetts, and was developed over the past fourteen years at a cost of $50 million. The explanation of the genetic modification on the company’s publicity literature, aimed at reassuring the public, makes no mention of the ocean pout gene: “The chinook growth hormone is the same as the Atlantic salmon growth hormone; it is simply regulated differently. Their ability to grow faster does not change the biological make-up of the fish.”
AquaBounty says the fish will be raised in inland waters to ensure that the modified salmon do not enter the oceans. The GM salmon will also be sterile, which eliminates the threat of interbreeding among themselves or with native populations, eliminating the risk to wild populations or the environment.
ANH-USA has consistently opposed genetically modified organisms because of both the documented and the unknown health risks. If GMO products are approved, however ANH-USA strongly supports labeling. We do not have true health freedom if we are prevented from choosing non-GMO foods—which is precisely the result if there are no labels indicating that a particular food has been genetically modified. We do not like untested, new-to-nature substances being forced onto us, but we value the freedom of conscious consumer choice even more.
Eric Hallerman, head of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at Virginia Tech University, said, “This is the threshold case. If it’s approved, there will be others. If it’s not, it’ll have a chilling effect for years.”
One question the hearings will try to determine is whether and how AquaBounty salmon is “materially different” from regular Atlantic salmon. In past hearings on GMOs, the FDA has never found that genetic engineering in itself constitutes a material difference, and the FDA cannot require labeling based on differences in the production process if the resulting products are not materially different.
Any specific scientific data that might support material differences for this GM salmon will be released anywhere from two weeks to two days before the hearing, which will hardly be enough time for thorough scientific evaluation. The FDA says that if the Agency is unable to provide the materials before the meeting, they will be available at the hearing! This says it all about the FDA’s bias. Can you imagine telling a prosecutor or defense lawyer that the evidence would be withheld until the trial?
To date, FDA has refused to require GMO labeling based on consumer interest alone, and the courts (in Stauber v. Shalala and Alliance for Bio-integrity v. Shalala) have upheld the FDA’s decision.
The problem, of course, is that we don’t yet know what negative health effects such bio-engineering might cause in the salmon. We do know that genetically modified foods affect the human physiology in negative ways. One example: Filipinos who ate GMO corn found that their bodies developed antibodies to Bt toxin—that is, their bodies processed the corn’s engineered traits into their guts and reacted to them. These same consumers also developed a resistance to the antibiotic ampicillin.
Moreover, there are significant nutritional differences between GM and non-GM foods generally:

  • GMO soybean varieties produce greater amounts of oleic acid than other soybean varieties. The FDA even acknowledged the differences in the oil they produce, concluding that the term “soybean oil” no longer adequately described the nature of the food but that a term like “high oleic acid” would be required to appear as part of the name of the oil.
  • Roundup Ready beans were significantly lower in protein and amino acid, according to Jeffrey Smith in his book Genetic Roulette.
  • In 1996, animal tests proved that there was a severe danger from genes spliced from Brazil nuts and soybeans—allergic reactions so severe that the individuals could suffer anaphylactic shock, possibly leading to death.
  • We recently reported to you that GM soy made hamsters sterile, but that the effect did not hit until the third generation, a frightening thought if it applies to humans.

One major problem is that the FDA has historically rushed to approve genetically modified products that are later found to be dangerous. For example, the Flavr Savr tomato was genetically engineered in the early 1990s by Calgene Inc. (now owned by Monsanto); it was designed to stay fresh on store shelves longer than regular tomatoes. Even though the FDA’s own scientific advisers were concerned over Calgene’s findings, which showed stomach lesions in lab rats that ingested the GM tomato, the Flavr Savr went to market!
The FDA should certainly have required the Flavr Savr to be labeled as GM: not only were there significant “material differences” between it and a non-GM tomato in terms of its taste, its risk of fungal diseases, and other physical problems, but more importantly, the Flavr Savr tomato was never deemed safe. According to biologist Arpad Pusztai, “the claim that these GM tomatoes were safe as conventional ones is at best premature and, at worst, faulty.” The tomato was withdrawn from the market in 1997.
In the case of the GM salmon, there are two different FDA hearings—one on the AquAdvantage product, and one on the need for a labeling requirement—so we need your help with a two-pronged Action Alert. Please contact the FDA and voice your opinions on genetically modified salmon and on full disclosure in labeling. As always, we’ve drafted sample letters to help you. Please TAKE ACTION now!


Click THIS LINK to go to the AquAdvantage Salmon Hearing
Action Alert page.


Click THIS LINK to go to the
GMO Labeling Hearing
Action Alert page.

Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc., and customize your letter. We have a suggested message for you, but please feel free to add your own comments to the letter.

We’d also love to hear your comments about this article—just add your thoughts below—but remember that the messages below are only seen by our ANH-USA readers and not FDA.

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56 thoughts on “Action Alert: Genetically Modified Frankenfish!

    • We need a Food Labeling Bill. Then at least we would know NOT TO BUY GMO salmon or any other food product that contains gene mixes from other species be it bacteria, pesticide or mixing different fish genes. Happy Tonics, Inc. stands behind biodiversity, open pollination and saying NO TO GMO.

      • Oh we need a food labeling law desperately! Unfortunately Monsanto has a strong lobby so it may take a while before the government listens. I can’t believe they are so greedy that they need politicians from their company in the FDA and the USDA trying to “protect the public” by eliminating our rights to choose what is good for us!

  • Christine Herbert

    Can you please fix your website so that when I try to “Share” an article using the Facebook Share button on my Google toolbar that it actually shares the article title and not yoru generic “welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health” title. This requires that you change your meta description for each page to the article title not your website default title. It would also be nice if you could add Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and Digg share buttons on your article pages to make it easier for people to spread the word. Love your info, but please make it easier to go viral!

  • Richard Murray

    What every body seems to ignore is the overpopulation of the world today, Seven billion people are too many, so my theory is that because GM foods have been shown in early testing to cause sterilization in humans, it may be a pogrom for population control. Just a thought, I mean our government always has our well being in mind. don’t they?

    • Oralia Acosta

      NO Richard, they don’t they don’t give a damned about us, just the Almighty dollar whom they praise MORE than ANY god, and is their GOD!
      There are OTHER ways of dealing w/overpopulation — but the masses of course, must serve to feed the rich lords!
      These people really are delving into something they know NOTHING ABOUT! And I can assure you “they” KNOW that those of us that are INFORMED about GMOs do NOT want them and that is why they don’t label them — they KNOW MOST people will NOT buy them!!!!!

      • Don

        World “Overpopulation” is a lie!!! We have enough room just in the state of Texas to put everyone currently alive in the world into a 1200 sqft house and use the Great Planes States to produce food to feed them all.

  • Hello,
    I am not in favor of Genetically modified foods….it could be a HUGE health risk, as there has not been enough research on the health effects over time. We have enough problems with the food as it is….look at all of the EGGS being recalled! We have huge food issues, and don’t need this one right now. And to even THINK about not labeling GMO foods is a big NO. Where is our freedom to choose…? And what if it IS a big mistake for our health…? What then? Profits for these companies is not as important to me as REAL FOOD…that we know is healthy for us. Please stop….we DON’T WANT GMO’s….thank you.

    • Mandy

      Worse, if the foods are not marked, people will not know WHAT ON EARTH is making them ill …. I think this has been a long time coming, our foods are already containing poisons….Soy is known to be a neurotoxin as it is…. Don’t you ever wonder what the “flavoring” is in our foods, plus…. they already don’t have to put that some foods contain MSG, which often goes by several other names…

  • khg

    The FDA is a criminal institution that supports corparate farms and the corporate manipulaion of food. They do not represent the interest of the people, they’re just like the Republican and Democartic criminal parties. The people have lost control of our country – big money and corporations run the show.

  • Charlee Sandell

    Re-read Francis Pottenger’s books about generational demise when animals were fed foods that were not even GMO…just processed. Cats lasted only 4 generations on cooked meat & milk…tells you something right there!!! Whew!

  • Keith Huxoll

    Man should never attempt to play God because the effects down the road can be disasterous I.e. God is the creator and man is the creation

  • I’m not quite sure why we have to argue against GMO foods day after day. The corporations behind this – vegetable or salmon etc., – are so infatuated with their filthy profits and power over others that health and even life don’t matter. Why is it that they are OUTside the prison bars wrecking the world while the rest of us are inside begging to have real food to eat? Since the science behind GMO has NOT been done in the US, I suggest we follow Denmark’s science. Then, like Denmark and Britain after them, refuse to follow international pressures to allow GMO and outlaw it in our country. Do we have to sit here watching country after country do the same, or could we catch on now and just say NO right now. We are never the leader, never the people who can think ahead to consequences. I’ll fight for a normal salmon-life for the salmon’s sake, but my days of eating salmon are over.
    We can fight over labeling forever, and I support labels, but we will never win this argument until we face GMO directly and firmly say NO.

    • frances

      Yes I agree lets outlaw this GM and GMO now. Why are we not aggresively stopping this takeover of our food. You know “he that controls the food control the people”. Lets end it and say NO. What part of no do they not understand! We do not want fake unreal food. Soon we will hear how a freaky fish accidently got loose into the wild and now all the fish will be contaminated and cross breed and we will starve because the food will be too dangerous to eat. All because of greed. God gave man dominian over the earth and animals, we now have evil men who are greedy to the point they will distroy human health and earth. Only God is the creater. Only God did it right the first time. It is time to stop the freaky labratory experiments they keep trying to mix DNA and cells at.

  • Robert Cruder

    The case has already been made for chemical agriculture. You can’t feed seven billion people with the less-intensive organic techniques even if you convert every acre of rain forest into farmland.
    Having chosen to be child-free, I really don’t care whether GM soy might make my descendants sterile. Achieving that for the bulk of humanity would be a boon for the planet. Failing that, population increase without improved technology requires converting more of nature into food.
    As population increases, I must ethically choose GM plant varieties over converting more marginal land to agriculture.
    I must similarly assume the hypothetical risk of GM fish over continued strip-mining of the oceans.
    GM opponents who have not opposed population growth are guilty of magical thinking.
    At best they will accomplish nothing. At worst, they will be responsible for greater environmental degradation both on land and under the sea.

    • Connie

      Humankind has not woven the web of life.
      We are but one thread within it.
      Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
      All things are bound together.
      All things connect.
      Chief Seattle, 1854

  • Connie

    We are bound within the shackles of greed and becoming prisoners within this stock market driven ( Bio-Tech- Gene-Tech, Nano-Tech) community of corporate entities that have recently become a voting block granted personhood by the Supreme Court.
    “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010) the Supreme Court of the United States held that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited under the First Amendment, overruling Austin (1990) and partly overruling McConnell (2003). The corporate personhood aspect of the campaign finance debate turns on Buckley v. Valeo (1976) and Citizens United (2010): Buckley ruled that political spending is protected by the First Amendment right to free speech, while Citizens United ruled that corporate political spending is protected, holding that corporations have a First Amendment right to free speech.”
    We as ‘living’ individuals and citizens of the World are having no say in where this huge mechanized machine called “Bio-Tech- Gene-Tech- Nano-Tech” is going. The human beings working within these faceless “Bio-Tech- Gene-Tech- Nano-Tech” Corporations are designing Frankenstein technologies for monetary rewards and they are all cogs in this Wall Street stock driven corporate Fascistic Conglomerate called (New Technology). Worker units driven by the greed of fame for any new invention they can invent and for all the stock options they can get if their invention is sold to you and I in the consumer marketplace. The FDA is under control by political Pac moneyed payouts that all of our politicians have taken by this conglomerate called (New Technology) and all the top billionaire players are controlling you and I. Our system has been broken by greed in the United States and Corporate Fascism has killed our Democracy.
    I am a DES daughter, my Mother was given the first manmade estrogen derived from Petroleum in 1953 while pregnant with me, the drug rendered me sterile at birth, gave my Mother Cancer when I was five and created a germ line change within my DNA, meaning if I was able to breed my Grandchildren would be showing genetic changes due to the “Lilly Corporation” drug that bathed me in my Mothers Womb. There are over 10,000,000 of us DES sons and daughters whose lives were changed by this poison, which the FDA allowed into the market place. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diethylstilbestrol
    We are playing with fire by ingesting and being exposed to all these new technologies that have not been tested properly. Because the FDA is a sham and is nothing but a greed controlled puppet organization designed to support new technology at every turn, every citizen in this country has to take personal responsibility and do the research and make the right choices for themselves, because our government is controlled by Corporate Fascism. That means reading every label and reading up on what these new “Bio-Tech- Gene-Tech- Nano-Tech” Corporations are up to. The Internet is still a freethinking environment and you will find the truth in the many sites that are popping up fighting this madness. Many of us are awake and are taking responsibility for ourselves. It is the Wild West right now because there is no structure in place controlling this Greed driven train. Snake oil salesmen and women are everywhere. GREED IS RUNNING THE SHOW…. DO THE RESEARCH OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!

  • Kathleen Carr

    I cannot believe our complaisance! “Please” don’t do this??? Where is the OUTRAGE, the ANGER at our government, and companies like Monsanto, whereby the almighty dollar has become more important than human life, ethics, health, morality or just about anything else!!
    Would be willing to bet those in charge go to church, too, and think they are all wonderful Christians to boot.

  • Donna Travis

    This is a serious deviations from the way our Lord has provided us with earth’s bounties left in its natural state. Its an abomination to create something different and we will suffer the repercussions from all of these transgressions. I say let us continue on with the way the earth has provided us. It has never been wrong for the past million years. We don’t need to be changing things at all and can be nutritionally balanced as our ancestors were.

  • Roger Fuller

    August 31, 2010
    Dear ANH-USA:
    It seems to me that the authors of the Salmon Action item are not clear on some issues. Genetically Engineered Plants and Animals are always materially different from the natural ones because the DNA molecules in their cell nuclei have been permanently, chemically altered by artifically added, foreign DNA fragment molecules, (genes). In the case of plants, the DNA in the cell nuclei of the seeds has been mutated: permanently altered with inserted foreign genes (DNA fragments) which causes all future plant cells to be altered in a similar way to the original seed cell. The offspring cells which make up the whole organism are now biochemically altered as well as their DNA.
    The food animals we currently eat are already altered by eating GE food and by being injected with GE hormones. To make a genetically engineered animal from scratch is a new process that I

  • Alfiya Aleeva

    FDA, MONSANTO and other food additive production companies they are all MAFIA. You seem to be so naive saying they don’t know what they are doing! If alternative health practitioner will harm single individual they will spread it all over the world, but look what they do. They try to reduce population, where ever you put your nose in everywhere dangerous things now. FDA is a criminal organization people like Donald Tramp, Blair all of them investing money into these corporations. They want us die like flies and we are dying. They scream out of TV population is growing and food shortages ahead. Who would believe? Population is dying to cancer, heart disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, moto-neuron diseases. They are all know well what they do and look pigs sterile, fish sterile, food seeds are sterile. THEY DESTROY THE PLANET BLOODY and we are discussing in here, wasting time!!!!!!! They destroying us, the entire world already contaminated by pesticides, herbicides DDT, AND THAT WASN’T ENOUGH FOR THEM.

  • Alfiya Aleeva

    look around the world plenty of untouched soils a good soils but because this monsters produce food fast on chemicals and normally grown food cannot compete in price. But trouble is they make a huge profit as tomatoes planted in spongy water filled with chemicals cost pennies to produce 1 kg but they cell it so expensive! Dont let them destroy the planet please, stop them to feed us by disease causing foods. 50 millions for fish GMO! who paid those money? millioners investing money into FDA, mONSANTO AND OTHERS LIKE and publicly they pretend being so innocent.
    please don’t let them feed us, destroy all GMO, and don’t buy any food from supermarket, eat bread you baked in your oven, stay away from dangerous people and their foods. ASK WHAT THEY EAT AND DRINK. THEY DELIVER THEIR DRINKING WATERS FROM UNTOUCHED MOUNTAIN

  • Ron

    This is nothing new. It’s simply getitng far more frequent and sublte. The FDA is a bunch of slime balls that have nothing to do except figure out ways they can aid their “buddies” in killing us all. The USDA does the same thing. The agenda is to bring this country to its kness. The WHO and the CDC say the US ranks 50th in the world among over 100 world nations in health and longevity. This is unacceptable. They told us smoking cigarettes was good for us, that if we ate less fat and cholesterol we would get thin and have less cardio vascular disease. Instead, we all got fatter, sicker and seemingly more dependant on the “expert” opinions of the pharma poison pushers and the most ignorant intelligent people there seems to be–medical doctors. All of it is wrong. It’s deception through the omission of critical facts–And the implementation of select information and information that has a slanted agenda, plus blantant lies and indifference. We need to take back our destiny and the lives of our children and grand children before we all are just another statistic that the law simply ignores because the doctors say so.They said some years ago that it was against the law to aid another in self inflicted suicide. How about some enforcement–!!!
    P.Oed in Texas

  • TC


  • Selena Bonito

    This is sick I tell you. You don’t make food. You grow or let it grow! I can’t even believe how far everything has gotten these days. Seems like we are all going to have to live like our great grandparents did in order to survive the sick things they are doing and allowed to do with our food.

  • BimBam

    It is CLEAR to me the FDA is our ENEMY. No way should FOOD NOT BE LABELED GMO, when there is GMO in the ingredients.
    DO NOT TRUST THE FDA. They are liars.

  • Valerie Nixon

    While I always say we must fight the good fight, I must also add that it is a pretty terrible thing that
    this Country, founded upon such noble principles, – has become such an evil empire.

  • tomescu teofan emilian

    These so called scientists should be prosecuted for undermining our nature given right to eat natural food without any let or hindrance.It should be the last straw for all sane human beings and a clarion call to take action against these murderers who want us to be their lab rats and their milk-cows.What will happen to the natives and fish eaters around the world when they want to eat a freshly caught fish when they are told “this fish belongs to x company who has a valid patent on it ?Not to mention the greatest threat of all that of contaminating the natural species and thus destroying their strong natural genetic make-up that took milions of years to hone to perfection something that cannot be said about the genetically modified type who will be nothing more than a reject like the brains of those mad scientists that created them.Do not mess with our natural food you freaks!

  • Scott Brown

    You realize, of course, that sending a petition to the FDA is akin to a group of hostages in a bank vault submitting a vote to the bank robbers that they’d like to be freed. The FDA’s actions over the years have clearly and consistently shown that their primary allegiance is to big pharma-, big medico-, big insurance-, and big agri-lobbyists who pay them obscene amounts of money. We are no more than lab specimens to them. They quite obviously don’t much care how, or if, we and our friends and families live or die. If enough lab specimens pipe up and say: “Please, sir! Can I have some more organic food? And could you please not kill me with lethal chemicals, fake foods, and dangerous treatments?” then I am sure someone in the appropriate department will make a note of the request.

  • L. Ralph Berger

    I disagree with about 90% of the comments above.
    Yes new products should be tested, but if the investigators, products are denigrated before they can justify their work or workings by persons with blanket prejudice against GM products and activities, it is these critics who are the potential ¨fools or criminals¨. The darkness of the ¨Middle Ages¨ was largely the result of the premises held by the then (political, religious and just plain ignorant) leaders of the time.
    You should publish a fair list of the goodies (food, medical, and a host of other items) from which we profit everyday. It will be a long one. The human hormone you are taking was probably made in bacteria, the antibiotics you use are the products of genetically modified microorganismI: fungi and bacteria mostly, the demand for more food has given us better strains of cereals.. yes a few with rare side-effects, but nothing´s all-perfect (yet), not even me..
    Yes, I´m a scientist, but yes I know a bit about the subjects I write about. More of us should be ´vocal´.

    • Ona

      Mr. Berger, the pejorative labeling of commenters here and of the Middle Ages does nothing but illuminate one’s own prejudice and ignorance. I urge you to continue your education by reading Wikpedia’s article on the “Dark Ages,” a term understood as being judgmental and critical of religion dominating an age supposedly lacking scientific reason. It’s a good article, and the terms “darkness” and “dark ages” are now largely avoided as the meanings they conjure to the general public are narrow minded and erroneous.
      As for genetically modified organisms, there is a world of difference between carefully isolating genetically modified microorganisms in a laboratory to produce insulin or an antibiotic and unleashing genetically modified plants and animals that are yet to be proven safe for the planet’s flora and fauna, and in some cases already shown to be harmful. It is not a rare side effect that the genes of Roundup-Ready genetic modification are infecting indigenous plants and producing super weeds. It was not a rare side effect when all third-generation surviving hamsters fed GM soy became sterile. It was not a rare side effect when all of an Iowa farmer’s breeding cattle became sterile when fed GM grain. It is not a rare side effect that GM corn pollen can be carried in the wind more than 5 miles and contaminate natural organic corn. It is not a rare side effect that glyphosate (Roundup herbicide) used on GM crops is polluting ground water at the rate of 5 times more than the allowed level for drinking water.
      The USDA’s action and oversight are supposed to be based on “sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management.” The FDA is supposed to be responsible for “protecting the public health” and “helping the public get accurate, science-based information.”
      No question, food labels must be required to clearly list in large bold letters anything therein genetically modified. It’s time to demand government agencies adhere to their missions. It’s time to clean money- and corporate-based corruption out of our government. It’s time to kick out the government representatives that politic to get our votes and then betray us by voting for regulations that benefit the rich and corporate contributors and make the rest of us sicker and poorer.

  • This is very “scary.” It seems as though the FDA is getting away with just about anything they want !! It seems like we will all have to stop eating salmon. Even if they do label it, who knows if the label is correct. It is bad enough to think that they may be selling salmon from the “oil” in the waters! We all need to really PRAY about this as many other situations in our President and some in Congress!!

  • This is very “scary.” It seems as though the FDA is getting away with just about anything they want !! It seems like we will all have to stop eating salmon. Even if they do label it, who knows if the label is correct. It is bad enough to think that they may be selling salmon from the “oil” in the waters! We all need to really PRAY about this as many other situations in our President and some in Congress!!

  • This is very “scary.” It seems as though the FDA is getting away with just about anything they want !! It seems like we will all have to stop eating salmon. Even if they do label it, who knows if the label is correct. It is bad enough to think that they may be selling salmon from the “oil” in the waters! We all need to really PRAY about this as many other situations in our President and some in Congress!!

  • This is very “scary.” It seems as though the FDA is getting away with just about anything they want !! It seems like we will all have to stop eating salmon. Even if they do label it, who knows if the label is correct. It is bad enough to think that they may be selling salmon from the “oil” in the waters! We all need to really PRAY about this as many other situations in our President and some in Congress!!

  • This is very “scary.” It seems as though the FDA is getting away with just about anything they want !! It seems like we will all have to stop eating salmon. Even if they do label it, who knows if the label is correct. It is bad enough to think that they may be selling salmon from the “oil” in the waters! We all need to really PRAY about this as many other situations in our President and some in Congress!!

  • This is very “scary.” It seems as though the FDA is getting away with just about anything they want !! It seems like we will all have to stop eating salmon. Even if they do label it, who knows if the label is correct. It is bad enough to think that they may be selling salmon from the “oil” in the waters! We all need to really PRAY about this as many other situations in our President and some in Congress!!

  • This is very “scary.” It seems as though the FDA is getting away with just about anything they want !! It seems like we will all have to stop eating salmon. Even if they do label it, who knows if the label is correct. It is bad enough to think that they may be selling salmon from the “oil” in the waters! We all need to really PRAY about this as many other situations in our President and some in Congress!!

  • Timothy Humphrey

    My letter to the FDA on labeling genetic modified foods as such:
    I’m troubled to read about genetically modified fish being considered to be sold. While I won’t claim to be an expert on these matters, as an individual I want to know what’s in the foods I eat. If a fish has had its genetic makeup artificially altered, as in direct DNA manipulation as opposed to more natural methods such as cross breeding, then I most definitely want to know this.
    I simply am not convinced that genetically modified foods are materially the same as their non-genetically modified counterparts. While the end product make look visually the same on the outside, the inside, the makeup of nutrients, is not the same. It’s because of this reason that I want genetically modified foods to be clearly marked as such so I can decide for myself if I want to consume them.

  • Janet Miles

    Thank you so much for providing important information so we can be on the look-out for what the FDA and others are doing that can be matters of life or DEATH!!
    An excellent article. Thank you.

  • Nura Washington

    GM has gotten out-of-hand in seeds, plants, fish – everything, and has started overseas. It does not appear that the FDA or any other organizations that produce these genetically modified organisms actually care. But thank you for the information, and I hope enough people worldwide become aware before there is no return.

  • 10/16/10
    I was brought up on (Organic Food) from day (1). It was proven more than (40yrs) ago that
    (How you act & feel all depends on the Quality of the food you eat). Most of the food out there
    is full of Chemicals & Fillers that the body doesn’t have any idea of how to deal with this garbage.
    Most all of the crime & crazy actions are responsible for the quality (or lack of) quality food.
    The body has NO idea of how to deal with all these chemicals. All of the governmental agencies
    are supposed to (Keep us SAFE). The taxpayers are paying all of you to (Do the Right Thing).
    Now it’s about time you ALL get your heads out of your (Back Pockets) & do whats RIGHT.
    Have any of you EVER thought about what the (BIG JUDGE) has in store for you per to all of
    your (BAD) actions & judgement calls????????? Time is running out for YOU.

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