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Action Alert: Natural, Bioavailable Forms of B6 in Peril!

drug moneyEveryone says, “Take your vitamins.” If only they’d let us! Vitamin B6 is something of a miracle worker. The FDA bans one of the most bioavailable forms of it so a drug company can monopolize it. Now even the form of B-6 we can’t live without is at risk of being banned for the same reason—because a drug company wants it!

Pyridoxamine—one of only three natural and bioavailable forms of B6—inhibits aging and disease progression. It’s especially effective at inhibiting the formation of what are called Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs. This is a particularly appropriate abbreviation, since pyridoxamine’s target seems to be age-related problems like skin wrinkling, atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation, cataract formation, kidney failure, diabetic complications, and Alzheimer’s disease. Life Extension magazine offered a marvelous explanation of how this unique form of B6 works in our bodies to fight glycation and slow aging.
Unfortunately, FDA banned pyridoxamine in 2008 in response to a petition from a drug company that wanted to use it in their own drug formulation. This means our only access to pyridoxamine will be via the synthetic drug version. The ban on pyridoxamine as a supplement is a tremendous loss.
An alternative to pyridoxamine, and one that has similar anti-glycation properties, is one of the other forms of vitamin B6—a compound called pyridoxal-5′-phosphate, or P5P. It’s the only one that can be used directly by the body without conversion. While everyone needs B6 to live, some people have difficulty converting other forms of B6 to P5P, so the elimination of natural P5P could make them entirely dependent on drugs for survival.
P5P lowers the body’s levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that is a potential risk factor in cardiovascular disease. P5P also supports protein metabolism and muscle growth, and helps overcome premenstrual symptoms and depression by encouraging the production of the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. New research has demonstrated that P5P may also protect against pancreatic cancer; other studies demonstrate that P5P protects against kidney disease and eye disease.
P5P exists in food, and has been available as a supplement for years. But now even P5P is under threat! The FDA has a petition from Medicure Pharma to ban P5P. If the petition is approved, we will have to wait until we get sick to obtain a prescription for the drug. We’ll no longer be able to maintain optimal health and prevent aging and diseases like cancer by proactively keeping P5P at the optimal level. It would be a complete travesty if P5P disappears from the market like pyridoxamine.
We have asked you in the past to send a message to the FDA and Congress protesting Medicure’s attempt to grab P5P, and we need to keep the pressure on—the stakes are just too high. If you haven’t yet written to the FDA and Congress, please do so today. And if you have already sent your message, thank you—but if you don’t mind, please write again and continue to voice your objections. Don’t let the FDA take away our access to this natural miracle-worker. Please take action now!


Click THIS LINK to go to the Action Alert page. Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc., and customize your letter. We have a suggested message for you, but please feel free to add your own comments to the letter.
We’d also love to hear your comments about this article—just add your thoughts below—but remember that the messages below are only seen by our ANH-USA readers and not Congress, the FDA, etc.

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52 thoughts on “Action Alert: Natural, Bioavailable Forms of B6 in Peril!

  • Trace Farley

    To the FDA, I am very concerned about your idea of not allowing the Coenzyme form of Vitamin B-6 to be sold on the open market anymore. What you are doing is proving the consumers right about you not looking out for them, but looking out for the pharmaceutical industry as they will profit enormously from this. To make any sort of vitamin a prescription drug is very simply…..just plain wrong. Please reconsider these outrageous actions.
    Trace D. Farley

  • Millie

    How is it that writing and complaining about P5P is going to help? We complained about pyridoxamine in 2008 and it did no good. Won’t be long before all vitamins/minerals are illegal so they can make drugs from them. Doesn’t seem legal does it?

  • William Orr

    The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act protects supplements marketed prior to October 1994. Pyridoxamine was certainly used as a dietary supplement in the early 1990s. If we can prove that pyridoxamine was sold in the United States prior to October 1994, the FDA will not be allowed to ban it.
    The FDA is controlled by the Executive branch of government. Writing to members of Congress may not work, since they do not directly control FDA decisions at the bureaucratic level. The White House, on the other hand, can, with one phone call, demand that the FDA reverse its position and allow the continued free sale of pyridoxamine as a dietary supplement. Petitions and letters should be addressed to the Health Administrative Affairs Officer at the White House and demand that the FDA lift its proposed ban on pyridoxamine.
    Also, anyone who used pyridoxamine prior to October 1994, should add their names to a petition, which can be used as an affidavit under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act to legally stop the FDA. If you have receipts from those years they can be use as evidence to help overturn the FDA’s proposed ban on pyridoxamine.

    • S. M. Heath

      Your point is well taken here so the following is what I wrote to the president’s website: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/
      This letter is to voice my strong opposition to Medicure Pharma’s so-called Citizen’s Petition Request to Ban Pyridoxal 5′-Phosphate as a Dietary Supplement (FDA-2007P-0410).
      I request that by the powers of the executive order, the president should order the FDA to reject this request, and having internal investigation of the Agency (FDA) and consider the possibility of replacing some of those (FDA) agents with others that would consider the American people. Instead of the profiteering, such as Medicure and others like it have been doing in regards to Americans right for use of essential food supplements to bolster our own individual health and wellness.
      I also think that Congress should address this disturbing trend of drug companies seeking to convert widely available food and supplement items into monopoly prescription drugs.
      However, considering that there are other major issues pressuring Congress at this point in time, Congress would not be able to enact anything swiftly enough to properly address this issue. That is why I believe the president should utilize the powers of the executive order at this point in time regarding FDA’s decision on the matter.
      Medicure has requested that the agency (FDA) ban the marketing of dietary supplements containing pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (P5P) because Medicure has a drug in development whose active ingredient is P5P. Medicure suggests that P5P is a new dietary ingredient, which is subject to pre-market approval requirements. However, within its own documents, Medicure admits that P5P is a naturally occurring molecule, a part of the Vitamin B6 family. P5P has in fact been a part of the human diet since the beginning of our species.
      I do not see why Medicure’s drug development should in any way restrict anybody’s access to P5P as a food supplement.
      Vitamin B6 is essential to good health. We would all die without it. Moreover our bodies must convert B6 into the P5P form in order to use it and not every human body does this efficiently. P5P should not be controlled by a drug company seeking to turn an essential part of our diet into a monopoly drug.
      As an American who includes dietary supplements in my approach to health and wellness, I request that you place the rights of Americans ahead of the designs of industry and protect all Americans freedom to access dietary supplements.
      Please at this point in time, require FDA to reject Medicure’s so-called Citizen’s Petition.

  • Harvey Opps

    Its so sad that so many members of congress, from both parties are so much in the pockets of the pharmaceutical and medical companies betray their own voters and supporters. Who in the government cares about the health of our people?
    Inexpensive ways exist to provide for the health of our nation. But our REPRESENTATIVES ( who do they represent anyway) can only think of expensive to line someone’s pocket.

  • Marcia Petty

    Drug companies have proven themselves to be UNWORTHY stewards of medical drugs.They seem to seek profit before medical cure. In no way should they be the sole arbiters of what are now considered supplements. They are simply making a grab for effective, in some cases, AGE OLD treatments, that they have failed at improving upon. WHY would a sane government allow such a commonly known and untrustworthy VESTED interest be the sole source unless it were just back room payments, political deals, greased palms, IGNORANCE. Stop working for corporate interests!! Work for the interest of human beings. Presumably that’s what you said you’d be doing when you ran for office. Stop trying to assist the grossly rich and, by doing so, enriching yourself. That is not the purpose of being a public servant. If this is what you’re about you’re a common thief.

  • Nancy Schramek

    I think ANY supplement that will be regulated in ANY way, so it can/will not be on the shelves for us to freely purchase is ludicrous and sick. Big pharma is so afraid they will loose sooooo much money and thats what is all about right? The money, not health or healing is the most important thing. Our healthcare system is so off and does not work I hope someday it just crumbles and the doctors and drug companies are left scrambling for those crumbs.
    I see a nutritionist and have had the most amazing results, with choosing to not go to a doctors office. She has had patients feel happy, loose weight, be clear minded, get over cancer, detox, get rid of gallstones easily and naturally… No doctors office knows the body like a nutritionist. They only know the drugs and to lopp something off… NOT GOOD. Doesn’t work that way. If a persons body gets a dis-ease then detox, not chemo or Juicing….. I know I’m way off the subject, but this whole topic is so upsetting.

  • Frank Binder

    It is unconscionable the extent to which the FDA appears to have no interest in promoting the public health and on the contrary does most everything in its power to contribute to the illness and misery of this country while helping to line the pockets of the very deceitful and dangerous drug industry. This travesty must stop.

  • David S. Clark

    I knew this was happening for awhile now, but it just makes you ask “how does this get pushed through”, and after this, what would stop drug companies from trying to get ‘all ‘ vitamins approved for their formulations?! This is a call to arms for all people who cherish their nutrients. Let your congressmen and senators know that we are watching and are going to fight back in what ever way possible and put a stop to drug companies interests in our nutrients. If we don’t. there is no end to Big Pharma’s greed and the collusion the FDA has with them.

  • Rona Bayer

    Holy cow, what else will they try to ban? Some 25 years ago I had carpal tunnel surgery. The surgeon assured me that eventually I’d need that same surgery on my other hand. Some 10 years later, that familiar pain started in my other wrist. Wanting to see if it was possible to avoid surgery, I did a bunch of reading, discovered P5P, and started taking P5P every day in order to try to prevent the need for carpal tunnel surgery. This supplement ihas proven to be a pure mira cle for me. No surgery and zero pain. A pain preventer at a very affordable price. As P5P seems to be for a host of other people.
    Why in the world should I have to go to a doctor, at great expense to my insurance company, pay a co-op, and have the insurance company and me, pay again when I buy the product I’ve been buying, at a cheap price for some 15 years?

    • Irina

      NeuroSoma Therapy is the answer for all painful conditions in the body.
      This gentle and powerful Therapy affecting metabolism, circulation, nerves,muscles and skeleton.

  • Diane Abel-Bey

    The powers that be will not stop until they have our way with our food rights!
    Somehow, I think that they just might succeed one of these days.
    It seems like, the more aware the public becomes, the harder the powers start to clamp down.
    Enough is enough!

  • Patricia jordan

    Please stop meddling with our supplements. We do not trust your drugs with multiple side effects. I think our government and the FDA wants us all to just fade away.

  • Carolyn Shobe

    I am totally protesting Medicure’s attempt to grab Pyridoxamine—one of only three natural and bioavailable forms of B6 (P5P). Unfortunately, FDA banned pyridoxamine in 2008 in response to a petition from a drug company that wanted to use it in their own drug formulation. This means our only access to pyridoxamine will be via the synthetic drug version priced as a drug, and we must be allowed to have natural forms rather than a synthetic that are not as God intemded. The ban on pyridoxamine, one of the most bioavailable forms of it, so a drug company can monopolize it as a supplement is unconsciouable…and the FDA should not be allowed to “patent” a natural form of our vitamins.
    Don’t let the FDA take away our access to this natural can be used directly by the body without conversion.

  • Rita Meyer

    To the FDA and Congress,
    Why do you continue to take our rights as citizens of the US away from us?. For those of us that use B6 in the form of P5P to help keep ourselves healthy without the disasterous drugs and surgery that you recommend. You know that doctor prescribed drugs and surgery and mistakes is the third leading cause of death. You also know that B6 has never caused a death but instead has helped many people stay healthy. Please rethink this decision for the betterment of the people and not of the pharmaceudical companies.

  • That the FDA wishes to monopolize Vitamin B-6 for corporate profit despite the fact that it’s essential for human health goes a long way in showing its priorities have nothing to do with supporting people’s health. They are visibly linked to pharma with ever-increasing ties though their budgets bulge with citizens’ tax dollars based on the false front it presents that they are the oversight agency protecting citizens from harmful foods and drugs, a totally fraudulent proposition. The FDA is currently entertaining banning P5P, the most bioavailable form of Vitamin B-6 for humans, per their petition to the FDA to do so.
    Who actually hears the petitioning of citizens re their need for the essential B-6 vitamin? Absolutely nobody! Not the FDA, Not the senators and representatives. The only petitions ever heard are listened to behind closed doors with those who are to be affected if these petitions become law completely barred from input. This is a classic example of our system of medical monopoly.
    Since the whole point of pharma corporations and their oversight buddies at the FDA is to act against the best interests of US citizens, exactly why is it that we’re required to support them with tax dollars and with mandated drugs as part of the “health”care system? Nobody paid me to perform services as a healthcare provider during my 30-year career, nor would I have accepted it. Marketing health and disease care is nothing like manufacturing golf balls; it’s a sacred trust, and nothing pharma and the FDA do makes it something else. The big question here is WILL THE SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES VOTE TO ALLOW THIS? Do they also work under the pretense that they are voting for their constituents they represent in their home states, and are their pockets also being filled behind closed doors with pharma dollars delivered by their lobbyists?
    It’s a great little system where the Big Pharma companies can make these moves against citizens with all this legal help while the smaller corporations that manufacture useful products like P5P are raided and hassled and by virtue of the extreme expenses required to obtain approval for good products, basically are outsiders just like us US citizens, the whole cycle paid for by the citizens whose health is being robbed. Of course, there’s also great damage to the smaller corporations in terms of their abilities to make enough profit to their big-shot competition.
    One can only hope that after enough people die or or damaged by such politics and our US Nuremberg moment arrives, justice will prevail and these useless corporations and their governmental attachments will find themselves behind bars where they belong facing the public contempt they deserve. Shameful, isn’t it. Whether the act of depriving people of safe and sufficient food and of the processed nutrients necessary due to corporate damage to our food production system is currently legal or otherwise, it is still an overt crime against humanity. Allowing corporations to defile our food system also defiles our legal system which has far too often allowed it to happen.
    Please do not allow Pharma and the FDA to deprive citizens of P5P or other foods or nutrients they need for their health. Please also be advised that neither Pharma nor the FDA are to be considered experts on what does and does not fall under the definition of either “food” or “necessary supplemental food”. Sorry but true.

  • Sarah Heermans

    God and the planet provide us with the essential nutrtient P5P. It iswrong to ban an essential nutrient like P5P so that the pharmaceutical companies can only use it. They are taking away our human rights to nutrition so that they can make money off of us! We, the citizens desrve the right to protect our health with what the earth and god provied! I can not believe this is even up for debate! Wake up!
    Sarah Heermans

  • Anton McInerney

    Any form of population control is genocide. Is health to be exclusively for the rich elite? Clueless ones dont you know you are being merely useful to lead others of your kind especially wannabes to judgement and destruction that none of you can escape. We,ve only watch closely in fine detail Divine Judgement in dealing with human insufficiencies in all generations…. none have yet escaped putting their hands to injustice……..

  • Jenny

    I would sign the petitions but as I live in Australia, I am unable to complete the form. I get message that I have not put in a zip code and therefore it cannot be sent.. Hope we Ozzies and others around the world reading your newsletter can be included in the future.

    • Christina

      I too live in Australia & would love to join in to complete the petition form.
      Eventually this ‘ban’ on supplements will reach Australia. By that time we won’t have any choice.
      Over here I guess we just won’t be told. We will just get the synthetic substitutes, unaware that they have all been ‘watered down’ & we are left wondering why our vitamins aren’t working!

  • mitchell donian


  • Robert C. Hureau

    This proposed despicable action by the “Fraud & Death Admin.” is another proof that this corrupt outfit doesn’t care in the least about the health of the American people, instead it seeks to curry favor with Big Pharma, Agribusiness, and other anti-health/disease-promoting companies/groups. It is simply outrageous that God-given natural(and essential) supplements can be taken off the market(like l-tryptophan was for 18 years), just to give an exclusive monopoly to hypocritical and money-grubbing pharma companies(whose only interest is profit)!!

  • elizabeth large

    I find P-5-P very useful in my medical practice and have never had any problems using it with patients. It has helped many people with anxiety and depression. It would be very ridiculous for this important supplement to be taken off the market.
    Elizabeth Large
    Naturopathic Physician

  • Donald dean

    Why do you want us sick and dieing. Why do you want us dependent on drug companies, or do I really need to ask? We have the right to natural cures and vitamins. I should not have to go to a doctor to get a prescription for something that is available from nature. Leave it alone!!!!!

  • Mary Klifman

    I was diagnosed with major B6 and magnesium deficiencies in the ’70’s (in my early ’30’s) while suffering life-threatening bouts of pancreatitis along with a total gastrointestinal breakdown. A wonderful UCLA research Doctor saved my life with this diagnosis along with finding some other (milder) deficiencies. As a result, I’ve enjoyed virtually decades of good health via self treatment with copiois amounts of B6 & lesser amounts of other supplementation. Now on Medicare, this option for good health is being threatened at the same time that I’m finding it impossible to find a mainstream doctor who is even willing to test for vitamin & mineral deficiencies, let alone treat them.

  • Andrea Gross

    How dare they ban any form of B6. Giving natural substances to a drug company is completely outrageous. How do we stop them not only from removing this form of B6 but the form that they have already taken for themselves?

  • diana

    If the FDA permits corporations to obtain a monopoly on natural supplements, making supplements unavailable to anyone other than through a corporation, then WE NEED TO pass laws prohibiting the FDA from doing this. We need to contact all of our congresspeople and make sure they understand that this is NOT acceptable. It seems like an anti-trust issue which also negatively impacts the health of all Americans.
    The FDA was not created to serve the special interests of corporations; it was created to serve the American public – and it needs to be reminded of this. (And the employees of the FDA who have a conflict of interest with drug companies need to be removed.)

  • Phyllis Murdoch

    P5P should not be banned. It is not in the best interest of the public to allow this to happen. Natural vitamin B6 should be available to everyone. It should not be controlled by a drug company.

  • Anyone in government who is giving this control to drug companies needs to be arrested.
    Yes you are brave and courageous. Yes, most of you joined our armed forces to defend freedom and America. Yes you are willing to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Yes you are noble people with honor. I celebrate and revere all these truths about you. I know most all of you love America; perhaps every one of you. What I want to know now is………….
    The truth is you all took a sacred oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.
    The truth is this sacred oath for freedom’s defense supersedes all other orders including any orders from the commander in chief.
    The truth is you have been sent off to undeclared wars for a long while without congressional declarations.
    The truth is our constitution has been trampled by men of secret societies and elite cabals who rule us through the CFR.
    The truth is, these evil people have engineered all the wars you are ordered to fight in for the last hundred years. They consider you to be their private mercenary army. They also could not care less about you or your families.
    The truth is these people are guilty of high treason on many counts. Their violations are blatantly in your face sneering at you and all your countrymen. They consider us to be no more than cattle and you to be their faithful DOGS.
    The truth is they rely on your obedience to defend them and their treasonous actions.
    The truth is these people are subjugating us under an alien socialist ideology. They have promoted the invasion of America by illegal aliens. They wipe their asses with our constitution. They laugh at our unalienable rights. They laugh at all of us and mean to destroy the America we love. Their actions are blatant and obvious.
    The truth is they may very well succeed unless you act now.
    The truth is you have all the guns and the authority to make arrests of these internal domestic enemies. They are in need of some restraint, first by handcuffs, then by ropes. Could these old, fat bastards stand against you for even one second?
    The truth is you have a sacred duty to arrest these people. Your own sacred honor is at stake as well as your lives and country. The real enemy is in Washington DC and in various estates around the land. They also have foreign counterparts and cause the entire world to suffer under their tyrannies. Their group is very, very small.
    The truth is it is time to stop acting like faithful dogs and start acting like reasoning men and women of honor. When you do, my adoration for you will be fully restored and I will salute you all. If I had the official power and authority, I’d go to Washington myself with the cuffs and warrants. I do not and I am getting old and tired of fighting for everyone’s freedom. I have done so now for 46 years.
    So I say to you, get a hold of 1000 kilotons of Vaseline, ease your head out of your southern hemisphere and take a clear look at the situation and act with your authority to save our land and our freedoms, which are yours as well. Then America can regain her footing and destiny, which is to lead all mankind into freedom by our example. We are to inspire and lead, not bully. And yes we will defend ourselves against all comers. But we shall not be used and abused by old, fat bankers and traitors anymore. Thank you for your considerations and I pray I have made a dent in your inner condition. We all breathlessly await your response.
    George Washington

  • John

    Ok this is starting to get ridiculous! I take P5P with tyrosine as an alternative to those horrific drugs called antidepressants. How on earth can something so simple as p5p be banned by the FDA? I’m angry!

  • phyllis miyauchi

    Be careful of too much B6. I had my blood tested recently and it was found my B6 levels were way too high which can result in nerve damage. I was just taking a load of B50 on my own. We need some kind of standards of safe doses of supplements since many of us just take them.

  • fallingman

    The fascist FDA should be banned. The corporatist machine continues to grind us up and all we do is squeal a little.

  • The FDA is a failed institution and would have been long abolished in a free country. We do not live in a free country. The FDA has sold out and not just to moneyed interests but also to the eugenic. The corruption in DC is allowing the physical destruction of the USA.
    Soon most things healthful will be banned and many things death dealing mandated.
    Is this not clear by now?

  • Agnes Khoo Schwenk

    As long as it’s a natural source of food/supplements etc., FDA or any organizations should not be allowed to monopolize them. B6 is a natural food supplement, therefore we’ve the right to vote and outlaw ‘monopoly’ of natural food and supplements. We should be on the right track when a law is being introduced that monopoly is not allowed on any kind of natural supplements or food. Period!

  • Dot Milligan

    Why, at a time when we are supposed to be lowering the cost of health care, would any responsible legislator even think about taking away our natural food supplements (which are relatively inexpensive and paid for out of our own pockets) and turn them over to the drug companies who will vastly increase the cost and probably require a doctor’s visit for a prescription? This will only add to the overall cost of our healthcare, or should I say “sick care”.
    I am one of the few senior citizens who visits a doctor only occasionally for a mammogram or colonoscopy, and I attribute my good health to healthful eating and supplementation. Please don’t take away this right!

  • Ron Zeidler

    I filled out your form and personalized the letter somewhat and sent it out yesterday morning. By the end of the day I had received a personalized response from one of my Senators, Michael Bennet of Colorado, which reads in part:
    “Often consumed to augment amino acid absorption and support metabolic processes, pyridoxal 5-phosphate (P5P) is a coenzyme in the vitamin B6 group that may be found in a number of dietary supplements. As you may know, in response to a petition submitted by Medicure Pharma Inc., the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering whether or not to classify P5P as a “new drug,” a designation that would place the coenzyme under stricter FDA regulatory authority.
    As determined under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, the FDA is not responsible for ensuring the safety of a dietary supplement before its release into the market. Should a marketed supplement later prove unfit for human consumption, the FDA is authorized to issue a product recall. A potential product that the FDA deems a “new drug,” on the other hand, is subject to both premarket and aftermarket regulatory authorities.
    I understand your concern about the FDA’s pending decision on P5P, and I recognize the potential effects such a ruling would have on the U.S. dietary supplement market. As a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, I am committed to ensuring that Coloradans have access to safe, reasonably priced foods and food products. I am monitoring the situation closely and will keep your thoughts in mind.”
    I respect Senator Bennet and I will continue to write to him about this matter. I would urge anyone who lives in Colorado to do the same. I detect that he is essentially undecided on this issue but at least he is aware of it and I think that he heard my concern.
    It seems to me that the logic behind the decisions to ban certain ingredients in new drugs is flawed. If someone came up with a new drug that derived from cacao would they petition the FDA to outlaw its use by everyone else? I think the outcry from chocolate lovers would be overwhelming.
    We have to bring that kind of passion to this fight. Complaining about it in online forums is not going to get it done. We have to keep after our representatives and make them listen. Once we know that they are listening we have to present them with valid arguments and let them know that we care about how this issue gets resolved and that we are watching closely. Big Pharma has won too many of these decisions already. In the eyes of the FDA a precedent may already have been established. We have to change that. They have the lawyers and the money. We have the votes, the voices and the numbers. We have to make them count.
    And that’s my $0.02, FWIW.

  • GoodSense

    Actually this isn’t about profits. Big Pharm, can make more that enough profits without banning any vitamin. They can even go into the health food business, and make tons of money, instead of banning vitamins. So underlying reason is they get pleasure from oppressing the public. This must be stopped.

  • asdg

    Im in another country – but I think the US public just needs to sack the FDA! I hear too many bad things about it, it sounds like an evil entity!

  • Alan Greenberg

    The FDA is obviously attempting to circumvent DSHEA which will eventually lead to a health crisis of gigantic proportions. It seems to me that the most effective strategy would be for several natural health organizations to join forces to file suit against the FDA. How about the Alliance for Natural Health joining forces with The Natural Solutions Foundation, the American Holistic Health Association, the American Holistic Medical Association, The American Association for Health Freedom and the Coalition for Natural Health. There may be other groups willing to join as well. Perhaps they could hire Jonathan Emord, an attorney who has won several cases against the FDA. Talk is cheap. Action is required.

  • Norine

    The problem is that the FDA is funded over 60% by the drug companies. We need to eliminate the FDA and start fresh with an agency that is not funded by the businesses it is supposed to monitor. I think some individuals should be executed for premeditated murder because they coerce people with cancer into only taking chemotherapy (which oncologists will not allow to be used on themselves when they get cancer). Oncologists themselves admit that chemotherapy is ineffective and devastating to the human body. So then, why do they keep giving it to their patients? Why are we not allowed to even try alternatives? The FDA is not just useless. They stand in the way of progress and they exist only to line the pockets of the Pharmacomafia.

  • I have a solution: Supplement manufacturers should refuse to play the game of being regulated by the FDA. Instead of selling supplements, sell “decorations”. So their web page would list items such as “Product Number 145828, these ornamental capsules will add beauty to any decor.” The web page and the product will not suggest that the item should be used for anything other than a decoration, and thus does not even fall into the realm of FDA jurisdiction.
    However, by grass roots word of mouth, everyone will know to go to a central independent third-party website, perhaps called something like http://www.healthfreedom.com, where they can look up the product number and see the actual nutritional description and details, all unregulated by the FDA since this site does not sell anything; it is merely a site that exercises freedom of speech by publishing a bunch of pixels and alphabetic characters. Nothing the FDA can do about that.
    Health product manufacturers and distributors would come to this central site to generate new product numbers, which would be unique across all vendors. They would enter the truthful actual description of their product, only now they won’t be censored by FDA regulators, so if the product helps the body to cure cancer, they can say that.
    Consumers would visit the central web site to look up an actual product number of a “decoration” for more detail, or they could search the entire site of vendor products with advanced filtering capability: perhaps by category (vitamins, lotions, beverages, herbs, minerals, etc.), by vendor, or a key word. This would actually be a great way to compare products quickly, across all vendors. For example, if you were looking for vitamin C, you could find all vitamin C products from all vendors in one quick search. And since this site does not sell anything, and is thus protected with the virtue of free speech, a link could be provided back to the vendor’s site where the product could be purchased per the vendor’s own online store. Vendors’ sites, however, could not publish a link to this central web site that hosts the database of product info because such info would be under the jurisdiction of the FDA. Instead, the vendor’s site just sells “decorations” with no health claims mentioned at all.
    For safety’s sake and consumer convenience, the labels on the “decoration” products should have ample space for the customer to write what the actual contents are. The product description on the central web site could also have a label that could be printed by the consumer and affixed to the bottle. Perhaps the site would allow consumers to set up a profile where they could save their favorite products and print a sheet of labels of their selections at one time.
    The FDA would soon discover what is going on, but they could not do anything about it because they have no authority to regulate the decoration industry, and they cannot exercise any control over a web site that offers information only but does not sell anything.
    I don’t know if anyone has conceived this idea before, but I dreamt it up after reading what the FDA (i.e., big pharma) is doing and just got disgusted and fed up with their games. Let’s just not play their silly games anymore! We can always beat them because we have passion and sharp healthy minds, while they have greed, corruption, and are brain-damaged from their own products.

  • I have one reservation with what you folks are saying, as much as I love your vinegar , liberty and justice for all. True justice not the justice system which is all about punishment not necessarily justice.
    That reservation is that I have a bottle of B6 P5P sitting right in my hot little hand and the single dose for one pill in this bottle of 60 is a mousy little dose of 275mg.
    However that is 13,750% of the RDA for what its worth.
    Use your heads fellas or you may surely lose it.
    Never forget the preamble to the constitution which , states, in my plain man’s words, gives us the humans of the USA the right to decide what is justice and what is not just or fair or just wrong!.
    A sanctioned doctrine of trial proceedings wherein members of a jury disregard either the evidence presented or the instructions of the judge in order to reach a verdict based upon their own consciences. It espouses the concept that jurors should be the judges of both law and fact.

  • Justin Lutz

    In general less order takers in society would change things for the better. thats the solution to the problem. the problems are being caused by a dominator society composed of corporations and governments that feel they have everyone under their thumb and can do as they please. people need to stop taking orders from these people because this is the basis of it all. belief in authority as a legimate entity when it is not and belief in one being a moral person by taking orders from authority. this is completely wrong. because neither of those things are moral. not authority , its purpose or its actions, or being party to them and taking orders from them is aligned with morality. its actually very much the opposite. people who commit crimes against peoples health, and destroy the environment and poison water supplies, take away a person’s free choice and liberty, commit violence against peoples person to enforce laws they made up to control people, lock people up for political crimes like smoking pot, these are real criminals and people need to stand up to them and stop taking orders, or at least start having a verbal or mental rebellion against it, stop letting these people tell you what your life should be, stand up for truth freedom and liberty when you see it being attacked, when you see it being stolen, when you see people harming others who have done no harm to someone else purely for political reason of power like trying to intimidate people with riot police and attack dogs. these are crimes against humanity, its time to stand up and say ENOUGH.

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