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ANH in the News: Protecting Longevity Supplements

ANH in the News: Protecting Longevity Supplements
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Check out the following HealthNews article by Kimberley Drake published earlier this week describing the current threat to nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a critical longevity supplement, as well as ANH’s work to protect access.

>>> “Lawsuits Against FDA’s NMN Ban Could Be Coming Soon, HealthNews, December 04, 2023

Earlier this year, ANH-USA and the Natural Products Association (NPA) submitted a Citizen’s Petition to the FDA urging the agency to reverse its determination that NMN is not a legal dietary supplement. Late in August, the agency responded to our petition…saying it needs more time to reach a decision. This inaction is disappointing, but not surprising. NMN is part of a wider landscape of supplements that are being stolen by the drug industry via FDA regulations. Without Congressional intervention, it looks likely that legal action will be needed to rein in the FDA’s bias against natural products.

You can read our previous articles for more information on the FDA’s attack on NMN and the wider threat that allows supplements to be turned into drugs.

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