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ANH Masterclass — Radical and Raw Natural Health

ANH Masterclass — Radical and Raw Natural Health
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From ANH International

By Rob Verkerk PhD
Founder, executive and scientific director, ANH International; executive and scientific director, ANH-USA

I’d have to rate last Friday as among the most enjoyable and fulfilling educational events I’ve ever attended. The fact that it was organized by ANH, that I was hosting it, and even that I was one of the two speakers, is irrelevant. I was thrilled to be very happily playing second fiddle to Dr Leo Pruimboom, the founder of the emerging and fast-growing medical discipline called clinical psychoneuroimmunology (CPNI), who delivered the Practitioner Masterclass under the wing of ANH’s Health Creation Faculty.  

My excitement over the event is that between the two of us, and the assembled audience of practitioners and online attendees, we embodied an approach to medical education that I believe can change the world – or at least the health of the people on this remarkable planet we call home. Not with medicines, new technologies, or other products. But rather, without them.

Mid-December release of Masterclass package

The great news about the day is that the 150 of us who experienced it won’t be the only ones to be exposed to the life changing information that was shared on Friday 17th November. We had it professionally livestreamed and recorded with three cameras (thank you Stu and his team from SMB Productions). Now our in-house media team, headed by Mike Abbott, is working on sorting out the video, sound and slides to provide a permanent and inspiring record of the day’s education. We expect to have it ready for release at a modest fee by mid-December, making it an ideal seasonal gift for those loved ones who could do with some life changing information.     

Interested in a Masters in CPNI?

For the health professionals amongst you looking for a next step in your clinical education, the really great news is that the international Masters in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology is going to be taught in English, with London as the base for the in-person modules! It will also be streamed virtually so you can join from anywhere in the world. The CPNI Masters is due to start in October 2024.

Register your interest and find out more here, as well as view the content of the 18 modules.

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