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Annual COVID Vax for Kids?

Annual COVID Vax for Kids?

Do you want your child to have a yearly COVID shot? That’s where we at ANH think we’re heading.

The federal government is currently considering whether to authorize COVID vaccines for children under five years of age; the shots have already been approved for Americans aged five and up. It appears that the obsession with vaccinating kids against COVID is really about getting COVID shots added to the CDC’s Childhood Immunization Schedule: a yearly COVID shot to help pad the coffers of Big Pharma.

Getting the COVID shots recommended for children is the first step to making them part of the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule—that is, a yearly shot for COVID, potentially long after COVID is no longer a pandemic. If COVID vaccines are added to the childhood immunization schedule, it means billions in sales for vaccine manufacturers and complete liability protection for when children or adults are harmed by the vaccines. Note that liability protection for COVID vaccines will go away when the Health Department determines there is no longer a public health emergency; vaccines on the CDC’s schedule are permanently protected from liability.

Adding COVID vaccines to the CDC’s schedule would require a rulemaking with an opportunity for the public to comment. This process has not started yet, but this is what we see happening if the government recommends the vaccines for children under five. Big Pharma wants guaranteed profits (through adding COVID shots to the CDC’s schedule for kids) and the permanent liability protection that provides. And they will need it. According to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), there have been 37,684 adverse events from COVID vaccine for kids aged 6-17; we also know that VAERS may miss as many as 99 percent of vaccine reactions. According to the CDC, 40 percent of kids aged 5-11 experienced a “systemic” reaction to COVID vaccines which include, fatigue, headaches, and injection site pain.

Are children at risk from serious COVID outcomes? The data so far suggest that, in large part, they are not. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show that kids aged 0-4 are the least likely to be hospitalized or die from COVID compared to other age groups. This is confirmed by other studies and data, which tell us that the risk of death and hospitalization from COVID infection is very low in children and strongly associated with comorbidities. We previously reported that, according to government numbers, kids make up very small percentages of COVID deaths and hospitalizations.

To put this in perspective: the average number of children under 18 who died in car crashes from January through September in recent years was six times higher than the number of children who died from COVID-19 from January through September in 2021. More than twice as many children died from heart disease, and about five times as many died from firearms.

CDC data show that children aged 0-4 made up about 1 percent of total hospitalizations for most of the pandemic. From January 2020 to the present, COVID has killed 105 children aged 1-4, which is about 0.01 percent of total COVID deaths. For comparison, pneumonia killed 284 children aged 1-4 during the same time period.

This data has prompted health authorities in Florida to recommend that healthy children not receive the COVID vaccine, contradicting the CDC.

Then there is the recent study data showing the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine’s effectiveness at preventing cases for kids aged 5-11 dropped precipitously during the omicron variant’s surge, from 68 to 12 percent. The data from the study showed that 12,500 children needed to be vaccinated to prevent a single, non-severe COVID-19 infection. The vaccine was 48 percent effective at preventing hospitalization.

Part of the reason kids may be so resilient is that they have already been infected with COVID and have natural immunity. The UK government has estimated that 85 percent of all children aged 5 to 11 will have had prior SARS-CoV-2 infection by the end of January 2022. Some data suggest that natural immunity offers more durable protection than vaccination.

All of this shows that the case for vaccinating children against COVID is dubious, since it offers little protection to a disease that, overall, does not threaten children nearly as much as other age groups. So why are government regulators pressing forward anyway? The only reasonable explanation, to us, is to move toward getting annual, required COVID shots for young children, which would be a tremendous boon for Big Pharma. It is crony medicine at its finest: special interests using the power and clout of the federal government to guarantee massive vaccine sales, all while being shielded from the responsibility of paying for the damage their products cause. It’s a crony win-win.

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44 thoughts on “Annual COVID Vax for Kids?


    “authorities in Florida” – you did not help yourself trying to use them as credible sources. They absolutely are not.

  • Judy

    I would NEVER allow anyone to give my child those so called horrible vaccines which are not even a true vaccine. They are an irreversible genetic modification. Many children could die within ten yrs after getting this jab

  • Christopher L. Calkins

    The Washington State Board of Health met yesterday to vote on weather or not to put the Covid 19 Shot on the school vaccine schedule. As of today, I do not know how they voted.
    Last week I wrote the BOH a 2 page email educating them up on the multi dose Influenza Vaccine and 3 of its many toxic ingredients ie Thymerisol “50% Ethyl Mercury” Aluminum and Sorbate 80. It is an out rite crime to inject this poisonn into a pregnant woman. I also educated them up on 4 known ingredients in the evil Modrna bioweapon ie Hydrogel, mRNA, Luciferase and Graphine Oxide. I put all of them on notice of liability and informed them that any and all who have promoted and pushed this bioweapon clot shot onto humanity will be held liable in this life and the next.
    In Purpose
    Christopher L. Calkins RN

  • Our Creator of Life has blessed Children with one of the best immunities protectiion and biological. systems of humanty. Our US Govt and the health advocates of are forgetting the natural way. I urge our US Congress, state legislstures to reconsider the Federal Govt Guideline above. This is the 21st century, but we are still human, and the earth is suitable for life as humans.

  • CG Kohles

    If we are authentically and scientifically looking at what is best for kids health and safety than even the remote idea of adding yet another annual shot (Covid shot is not a vaccine as it does not immunize and no changing the definition of what a vaccine is to force the covid shot under false pretenses does not work) to the childhood “vaccination schedules” (that is not scientifically established in the first place) is UNACCEPTABLE, IRRESPONSIBLE AND A BAD IDEA. Good $$$ making scheme. Bad for kids.

  • I do not believe any of us need this vaccine and especially children as I am one of the odd balls that boy crap ruined my life. So boy no no no no do not force any more people with what they still do not know is coming. Has too it is a drug by man.

  • Deborah Stinson

    I am heartbroken that my daughter got my granddaughter a flu shot and a covid shot not too long ago and quite close together. I had pleaded with her not to do it but she did it anyway. She and her husband got them too and are going along with the mainstream narrative. I don’t think they see the big picture. I hope they will be okay but I fear the worst.

  • Zee

    Children should absolutely not be required to get the Covid Vaccine. The likelihood of them even contracting the virus is so low and even if they did, the severity would be minimal as long as they don’t already have pre-existing conditions. The side-effects from the Vaccine is far worse than Covid itself.

  • This CCP injection is dead! No more cullling of humanity. This is over and done as we watch people still dieing from the Illegally Engineered Injection. We will not let these elete nasty ugly old money grubbing filth annihilate our fellow humans. Smash, crash, burn, pour out and bury all of this lie!

  • Kat

    This is bullchit! Kids do not need any vaccines period! Covid is a farce and no vax is going to change that. We are already looking at a lost generation of sterile children to this psyop. This needs to be stopped in its tracks NOW!

  • Denise Russo

    Great article. I wish more people would stand up for the children because the risks of this vaccine is not worth taking. More adults arr fainting and having breathing and heart issues even.

  • Gigi K.

    NO!!!! Covid vaccines included in the vaccination schedules for children….none for any age.This is medical tyranny and a fascist move to control the people. Children are our future. Destroy our children and the hope for a conscious society is very very dimmed. Our children are not for sale.

  • No. I personally do not believe that any child should have these shots injected into their bodies. I hqve read at least 20 research papers showing an incredibly high number of deaths, myocarditis, pericarditis, neurological problems, anephelxic shock and hideous various bad reactions. As for long term studies, there aren’t any. The future is filled with unknowns as to what these shots, that do not even work in majority of case, will do in long term harm. I am ashamed of our FDA and CDC . I will never trust them again.

  • Gerald

    I’m 70 years old. I remember when I was in school, I would get vaccinated every year. I was vaccinated against Polio, for which I’m eternally grateful. Better than spending one’s life in an iron lung!!!!! Yes, sometimes I would have pain in my arm and have a mild fever. Not all vaccines have these side effects, but some did. No big deal. I took the vaccines because they were absolutely necessary. I go with the scientific evidence. I have studied up on the history of vaccines which have been around since the 1700s. Historical fact. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln required the troops to get vaccinated. Louis Pasteur development the vaccines against small pox. Study your History, damn it!!!!! OK???

  • Teresa B

    I am completely against this covid vaccine requirement and I WILL pull my child out of public school because she WILL NOT be getting this vaccine EVER!!!!!

  • Kathy

    The protection from the first Pfizer shot offered protection for a short time…even more reason for the second shot to increase the antibodies since non-vaccinated children can be transmitters of the virus to vulnerable people.

  • Kimlia

    (bleep) off and leave our children alone!!!! Good human beings(adults and children) should NOT deserve to be suffering long enough!!!! Evil people who desires to kill innocent adults and children SHOULD deserve to NOT be alive on Earth!!! The world needs PEACE in life, s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y!!!!!!!!

  • Al

    No way! Let’s be clear: This is NOT a vaccine! It is a dangerous, improperly trialed and tested drug that injures and kills. And I do not believe there is “rising pressure from parents who want the vaccine for their young children.” The ones who do want the jab are a deranged minority. As the last paragraph summarizes, this is just another evil, greedy move by lying, psychopathic leftist-elitists in government, big pharma and the medical establishment to line their pockets, violate human rights and control over our lives.

  • Scott A Pratt

    Leave it up to a childs Pediatrician in combination with a virologist and the parents. in-lieu of a CDC mandate, that will come with more experience/knowledge regarding this issue.

  • Donace Dillon

    DO NOT DO NOT!!! Children do not need it – and it is MORE Harmful to them – and evil – I feel it is evil

  • Joan Russell

    I think that vaccines should still be a choice for parents to make not the government. I have read so many reports of adverse side effect from this vaccine from censored consumers who have taken it I would say do not mandate this vaccine for any group. Some of the side effects are heart disease, blood clots, breathing difficulties, neurological symptoms and menstrual problems. Overall I do not think it is safe and effective for everyone and is a risk to take it.

  • Karen

    I am very much against the vaccine for children. This vaccine has caused more harm than good. this was a rushed vaccine that I don’t even consider it a vaccine.
    It’s just another way for the pharmaceutical companies to make more money off the people and commit genocide at the same time.

  • Martin Sky

    If there are fear based ignorant parent’s that want to get the vax for their infants/toddlers and be lab rats for this experiment, let them. BUT NO mandatory or compulsory required for the rest of our infants,toddlers or children PERIOD ! That includes Dr’s on the pharma payroll should not be able to chime in and encourage the vax for them either !! Corruption everywhere over real health care and saving lives !

  • Kevin Leary

    Do NOT give the drug companies the liability cover by using this injection on children. The benefits are non-existent while the potntial damages are innumerable. If this is allowed the NVIC (vaccine injury compensation fund) picks up the liability tab. Good luck suing the federal government for compensation for becoming a victim of gene editing experimentation.

  • Russell Livingston

    I think there should be a bill passed concerning the truth about the vaccines. This should be a committee that documents the results of every peer reviewed study and puts that information into easy to understand formats and is published. Additionally, this bill should stop the practice of moving big pharmacy employees back and forth between the CDC and pharmaceutical companies.

  • MRL

    Embarrassing and irresponsible blog post. Not sure how I got on your email list but I’m unsubscribed now. Please stop spreading one-sided anti-vaccination messaging.

  • Paul H Thielhelm

    A very authoritative body , the CDC should be followed, as opposed to the Florida Health guro who is totally unreliable and against vaccines. The Florida Health Authority is a phony. He states vaccines are not reliable to ward off the Covid disease. Unreliable, lies, false Dr. Who should be reported to the Medical Board and revoke his license to practice medicine.

  • Carla

    Unfortunately it is almost always about following the money. As with trying to give infants Hepatitis B, when it does not effect that age group. Big Pharma isn’t really about good health


    Covid shots for any age infant to adult should never be mandatory, should not be included in the already numerous vaccines required for kids to attend public school. We need to let our immune systems do their job without chemical injections. The kids I babysit almost lost their parents because of their jobs requiring the covid shots despite them both already having had covid. The kids have natural antibodies from being quarantined in the house with their parents.

  • Geraldine Martin

    Why on earth would we want to put more poisons in our children’s little bodies, especially one that will interfere with their yet undeveloped immune systems. We are messing with their dna folks. It will have long term negative effects.

  • Pauline

    I feel the covid vaccine should become one of the required vaccines for children. I feel this would help everyone.

  • Mary L Hockett Thoma

    You don’t mention children who have other chronic illnesses complicated by COVID, is there a reason for that blank?

  • Wilson Nightshadow

    If a proposed vaccine or immunization results in any injury or death to our children then is should be prohibited, period.

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