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August Acceleration Series – Episode Three: Your Akashic Library of Soul Records — a Portal to Deep Healing and Transformation

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By Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator, ANH-International

If you’re unfamiliar with the Akasha or its relevance to us, join Meleni for another fascinating conversation with Erin Burke, who brings yet another facet to the concept of healing.

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Erin Burke, freelance journalist and Akashic session facilitator, whom I interviewed for Episode Three in the August Acceleration series. Building on the strong foundation for mind and body healing laid down by my previous guests, Xandra Hawes and Sam Cooper, Erin sets out a course for deep and abiding healing through the quantum realm via the Akasha.

The Akasha, also called the Akash, is a Sanskrit word to describe sky, space or ether in Indian cosmology – a plane of existence that is in the unseen world of the quantum realms. It can also loosely be translated to mean ‘that which holds all’, hence the term Akashic Records, which refers to one’s individual soul ‘library’ of records, or more accurately, memories and experiences since time began.  

About Erin Burke

For over a decade, Erin has facilitated Akashic sessions for those in need of answers, truth, clarity and Divine guidance from their Guides and Angels. Having suffered child abuse and ritual abuse as an adult, she sought support, answers and healing via multiple modalities to no avail. It wasn’t until she had her first Akashic session that her healing journey took a pivotal turn. As a means of shedding a mountain of trauma, destructive patterns and negative conditioning, her work in the Akashic Records became a daily practice. It wasn’t long before she realised that her gift of unique Akashic connection could help others as well. 

After having lived the bulk of her adult life in utter misery, some of which stemmed from blindly existing in the cattle call of a corporate cubicle farm, she’s finally pursuing her dream of independence as a freelance journalist and entrepreneur. She graduated from Kansas State University (a few decades ago) with a degree in journalism; is an abiding, attentive servant of Maude the Super Cat; appreciates a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio (Italian is best); and is writing a memoir about her seriously weird, wondrous and extraordinary life.  

This is the first time she’s shared her story publicly, but believes it’s important to underscore the fact that no one need live with trauma, and that regardless of how dark the place, there’s always a way back to wholeness and oneness with self. It’s only in that place of peace and homeostasis where we can truly create the life we want, and deserve. 

Reaching Erin

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: @thesoultruth.life

Website: www.thesoultruth.life

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