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Speaking Naturally | An Interview with Sylvie Beljanski and Nathan Crane

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Watch Rob Verkerk’s Speaking Naturally interview with Sylvie Beljanski and Nathan Crane, the key organizers of the forthcoming Beljanski Integrative Cancer Conference in Jacksonville, Florida between 13 and 15 October. You’ll discover more about how the so-called ‘war on cancer’ is likely to be won, and that’s unlikely to be through more effective chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgical removal of tumors. It will be by changing our relationship with the disease, our behaviors, and our thinking. That includes looking to nature. And taking heed of history, including the sometimes savage nature of the ‘cancer establishment’.

Be prepared to be shocked to hear how Sylvie’s father, Mirko Beljanski PhD, a pioneering ‘green’ molecular biologist based at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, was indicted, arrested and persecuted by French authorities after news emerged that he had discovered plant extracts that could put terminal cancers into remission, including the late stage prostate cancer of a sitting president – the late François Mitterand. Intent on showing that the French government had violated Beljanski’s right to a fair trial, Sylvie took the case to the European Court of Justice. In 2002, several years after Dr. Beljanski’s passing, the court found in Beljanski’s favor. Sylvie has since dedicated her life to picking up her parent’s work through the Beljanski Foundation – including relocating to the USA. 

If you’re looking for sound advice on how to protect yourself from cancer, you’ll be fascinated to hear Nathan Crane, researcher, educator, author and one of America’s leading holistic cancer coaches, distilling years of experience into actionable steps. 

>>> Book your place in person – or virtually – at the Beljanski ‘Winning the War on Cancer’ conference, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, October 13-15 

Rob and Meleni will be attending the upcoming conference where Rob, as executive director of the ANH-USA, will accept a prestigious award from the Beljanski Foundation on behalf of ANH-USA for its “unwavering commitment to safeguarding the rights of the natural health sector, free speech and access to quality natural products.”

>>> Read the Beljanski Foundation’s press release here

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