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August Acceleration Series – Episode Two: Bio-energetic healing — releasing the emotions that bind and freeing your potential

August Acceleration Series – Episode Two: Bio-energetic healing — releasing the emotions that bind and freeing your potential
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By Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator, ANH International

Please welcome my second guest, Sam Cooper, for Episode Two in this year’s August Acceleration Series. Sam is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the natural health and wellbeing space. A practitioner for over 25 years, her fascination for “what really makes us tick” led her to train in a variety of healing modalities, as well as neurolinguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy, hypnosis, meditation, coaching and Light Kinesiology.

Eleven years ago, Sam experienced, what she refers to as her first spiritual awakening. Despite being on a dedicated path of self-awareness for many years, this experience allowed to her to gain a much deeper insight into the nature of reality and how we navigate through it. This insight now informs every aspect of her work, where she specialises in bio-photon and energy re-alignment.

If you look Sam up and wonder why she practices at a dental practice, it’s because she’s married to a Holistic Dentist. As such, her focus was originally centered around teeth, a potent entry point to working with the body. However, her many discoveries, some of which you’ll hear about in our interview, have led Sam to realize that this extraordinary therapy that she’s evolved, Psychophotonix, is capable of so much more.

“It was empowering for me to discover that the body just wants to heal us. The body’s not trying to attack us, the body’s not trying to make us feel worse, it’s actually trying to heal us.” 
– Sam Cooper

If you’ve ever wondered what biophotons, morphogenetic fields and frequencies from the light spectrum have in common — and what the relevance is to us, then wonder no more. Sam has a remarkable capacity to explain complex things very simply and clearly. In Episode One with Xandra Hawes, we understood how important emotions are as our inherent navigation system – feeling translates to healing, as we wove together the multiple strands needed for emotional wellness.

In Episode Two, Sam explains, not only why working with biophotons and light frequencies is so potent for healing the human body, mind and spirit, but also why we heal by releasing emotions, patterns and conditioning — our history — from our body and morphogenetic field. You’ll also understand the power inherent in trusting your innate wisdom. Important for healing, but also to see your reality more clearly in order to navigate your own sovereign path in this world.  

Please join us for a lively, enthralling interview with information that holds the keys to freedom, not just through healing, but through understanding how to use what’s happening in our outer reality as a feedback system that allows us to raise our frequency, not lower it. As we raise our frequency and reach deeper into the unseen, quantum field, we harvest more of our limitless potential for healing, living and creating.

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August Acceleration Series – Episode Two: Bio-energetic healing

About Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper is an expert in the field of psycho-spiritual development and bio-energetic healing with more than 25 years’ experience. Sam’s passion for ‘what really makes us tick’ has fueled her own extraordinary journey and led her to professionally train in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Anatomy and Physiology.

In addition, Sam trained as a Master Healer over the course of many years and in 2012, underwent a dramatic transformation as she became the “experience and the experiencer” in the “dropping away of self” and self-realized the true nature of reality.

As a wellbeing expert, Sam has the perfect combination of skills to optimize mind, body and spirit. With the formidable addition of the bio-photon re-alignment mirrors, she uses a form of kinesiology to communicate directly with the body in a powerful and insightful way, which reduces stress in the nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

You can reach Sam by emailing her team via [email protected] or telephoning the practice on +44 7852 434 90.

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