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Beyond Digital Addiction: How Technologies are Transforming Our Youths into Obedient Machines

Beyond Digital Addiction: How Technologies are Transforming Our Youths into Obedient Machines
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From ANH-International

Tablets should be part of a baby’s world from birth”, claims Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith, a highly influential developmental and cognitive scientist whose study found that getting your toddler to scroll through a digital tablet actually improves their motor skills.

And – I hear you ask: what about the accompanying risks? Shall we just ignore them? Let’s face it – our kids’ tablets provide such a useful means of keeping the little ones occupied, giving stressed parents a break.

Have you witnessed anything about children and their relationships with technology that makes you uncomfortable, bearing in mind the importance of subconscious programming during the early years of life? Do they constantly pull their phone out of their pocket during a conversation? Do you see them scrolling, seemingly mindlessly? What have you witnessed when walking in your local neighbourhood: perhaps children with their heads buried in their devices and empty quiet parks. Whichever way you cut it: family dynamics are changing rapidly as digital technologies take an ever more important role in our lives, and our children’s lives, and, courtesy of social media, human relationships are becoming increasingly virtual.

With babies developing with a tablet in their hands, the next logical step, ostensibly for the sake of everyone’s convenience, is to implant, a cellular communications device – yes, a mini mobile phone – in the bodies of our children. This technology is a key part of the development of the currently emerging fourth industrial revolution that includes everything from artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT) and robotics. In fact, in case you think this idea is fanciful, it’s given as ‘Shift 1’ in the book by the same name, by none other than Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Think just how many of today’s teenagers might be up for an implantable mobile device: imagine the convenience! No need to subscribe to any platforms, and they’ll never need to worry again about losing their mobile phone!

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