Biden Issues Sweeping Vaccine Mandate for U.S. Workers

September 16, 2021
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President Biden issued orders covering two-thirds of the American workforce requiring millions of Americans to get vaccinated. Action Alert!

President Biden recently signed an Executive Order requiring all federal executive branch employees to be vaccinated, in addition to contractor employees that do business with the government. Other mandates for healthcare workers and private employers with more than 100 employees were issued as part of the President’s COVID-19 Action Plan. Separately, the Department of Health and Human Services will require vaccinations for employees in the Head Start program, affecting about 300,000 workers. Together, these orders issue vaccine mandates for over 100 million workers, over two-thirds of the American workforce.

Note that these orders only provide a negative test option to the private employers with 100 or more employees. For the others, there is no testing option—they must receive the shots.

This is an unprecedented exercise of federal power. Vaccine exemptions and mandates have, up to this point, been left to the states. The order is expected to be challenged by both employers and states.

President Biden is using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to institute the private employer mandate. The legality of OSHA passing a rule to mandate a vaccine or testing for private employers is in serious question and will have to be decided in court. OSHA can legally issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), which takes effect as soon as it is released. OSHA can only issue an ETS if it determines that “employees are exposed to grave danger” from exposure to harmful substances or agents; further, the ETS must be determined to be “necessary to protect employees from such danger.” It is of course highly contestable that COVID vaccines meet these standards. As constitutional legal expert Jonathan Emord, Esq. points out, a large number of workers telecommute, work outside, have naturally-acquired immunity, or are in a low-risk category (young and healthy), meaning that the legal requirements for OSHA to issue an ETS are not met. States and other groups have indicated plans to challenge the forthcoming rule in court.

President Biden’s Executive Order states that the mandates are “subject to such exceptions as required by law.” The law allows for a medical exemption under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and a religious exemption under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The White House has confirmed that these exemptions will apply to the federal employee mandate.

The medical exemption provided by the ADA is quite limited. It is unlikely that those with autoimmune conditions would qualify for an exemption under the ADA. It also seems that people who have had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the COVID vaccine (like polysorbate or PEG) will also qualify for a medical exemption, as the CDC states that those who have had such reactions to an ingredient in the COVID vaccine, even if the reaction wasn’t severe, should not get either shot.

Religious exemptions are likely a better option for those looking to avoid mandatory vaccination. “Religion” is defined broadly for these purposes in the statute to the benefit of employees. Employees stating that the vaccination violates a religious belief—as opposed to a social or political belief—are supposed to be given the benefit of the doubt by their employers. Employers can, however, request additional supporting information.

Still, a religious exemption is not guaranteed, and the difficulty in claiming a religious exemption varies by state and by entity. In Tucson, Arizona, four administrators were assigned to sort through nearly 300 requests for religious exemptions to the city’s vaccine mandate for its public employees; just over half have been approved so far and 15 have been denied. We can likely expect the same level of scrutiny from the federal government in individually assessing requests for religious exemptions.

Nevertheless, religious exemptions may be the only option for most individuals seeking to avoid the mandates, given the restrictive medical exemption.

Note, though, that being vaccinated doesn’t make you less likely to spread the virus. In people who have actually contracted COVID, the mucous membranes release antibodies to protect the nose and mouth, and this helps reduce viral spread. COVID vaccination is largely ineffective at stimulating this secretion of antibodies in the nose. Further, all COVID vaccines currently in use have reduced effectiveness against the delta variant that is the dominant strain now.

The point is that vaccination status is not a guarantee that an individual is not infected and capable of spreading the virus to others, meaning that vaccine mandates are not only coercive, they do not accomplish one of the main goals – preventing the spread of disease – that they set out to achieve.

Action Alert! Write to the President and Congress and tell them to reverse these vaccine mandates. Please send your message immediately.

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37 responses to “Biden Issues Sweeping Vaccine Mandate for U.S. Workers”

  1. Adam Vamosi says:

    This violates the Constitution and individual rights. Mandates are also NOT LAWS!!!! Pass this through the legislation before calling it law. But you know damn well it would not. So you use executive fiat, which is not law for us common folk, to fool people into thinking this is mandatory. I look forward to suing you for the restoral of my rights.

  2. Don says:

    This is actually garbage. This type of writing will get people killed.

  3. Rafiya says:

    You people are nuts . Stop sending me your stupid emails . Vaccines save lives . Period .

  4. Joanne Cali says:

    Biden is working for the enemy – in collusion with Fauci and others who have funded research leading to COVID – and who profit from vaccines for it, which are proven to be questionably working and/or destructive. All the media hype is to scare people into accepting a dwindling down of their human rights. This in itself is more sickening than covid.

  5. Evelyn Donica says:

    Mr President and Congress please reverse these vaccine mandates! You are using unborn children to make these vaccines and that is murder.

  6. Melvin Bautista says:

    The vaccine mandate is needed, especially for many who have received information from many who oppose the vaccine. Studies and results on the effectiveness of the vaccine has proven that it does work. Although there are some reports of reactions or some physical discomfort/issues are far too small to give credence to the effectiveness of the vaccine. We need a fully vaccinated populace to stem the various variants to develop the herd immunity of the virus. Far right politicians are the ones who are spreading misinformation along with news outlets that support these far right politicians based on the lies of former President Trump’s name blaming and his message that it will go away on its own. This of course never happened and we have lost many lives based on these lies!

  7. Joan Gugerty says:

    Is this America???? Really a mandatory vaccine no matter what the circumstances? Why do we need a mandatory vaccine when it is scientifically proven that the vaccinated people can also spread the virus? What exactly is the purpose? Never in my 72 years of life have I seen this type of tyranny. The science does not back this mandate. Science does not back statements that the vaccine is better than the immune system. When did natural immunity to a disease stop? Who is playing God here? Where is the herd immunity with about 70% of the vaccinated population? This is an insane policy that is unreasonable, unconstitutional and unAmerican. If Biden continues his push for these unconstitutional mandates, I will most definitely not vote for him or any democrat with his ideals in the next election. This ruling is not based on science – it is based on fear and it is dividing the American People even more than they are now. And Anthony Fauci needs to be fired and replaced – he is not supporting the health of the American people. He is pushing a vaccine well beyond what is necessary. I believe many of these decisions are political and it needs to stop – now.


    The Covid “vaccines” should not be made mandatory. I believe it is in violation of the constitution and people’s liberty.
    Each person has the right to choose whether or not to get the experimental shot.

  9. TD says:

    Vaccines do not prevent the spread.

  10. Wilfred Walter Olschewski says:

    You are neglecting those who had Covid and have natural immunity.

  11. Philip J Hamel says:


  12. Amber Huntoon Colvin says:

    Vaccinations are not the band-air or stop gap that they are proposed to be. We need to be able to choose what goes in our bodies.

  13. Lois J Ruble says:

    Natural remedies are very effective in a gentle way. They don’t do anything to stop the virulent virus of Covid-19. Opposition to this vaccine is so anti-health I cannot believe that an organization with “Health” in its title would have any opposition to this life-saver.

  14. Lauren Kelley says:

    Mandates are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Period

  15. Juan t Ontiveros says:

    Stop the petty tyrants!

  16. Mary says:

    I’m all about natural health, but this is stupid. Vaccines are safe and effective. Polio destroyed the lives of millions, just like Covid is doing. Protecting you family and the general population is a civic duty. There is absolutely zero evidence from anywhere that the vaccine causes problems that can’t be treated and those cases are extremely rare. Find something to do that will actually help humanity. This isn’t it. We are never going to get out of the spiral of this pandemic if deniers are spreading nonsense.

  17. deborah says:

    My body, my choice. We are losing our health because of greedy corporations & backdoor deals with government officials. Open your eyes. Most news networks are owned by greedy corporations. Putting the fox in the hen house. Our air, food, water is not safe. All for $ and control of the people.

  18. David Gehrman says:

    Homeopathy is bogus.

  19. FRANK D ALBERTO says:

    Save America!

  20. Bernard Clegg says:

    Vaccination status is not a guarantee that an individual is not infected and capable of spreading the virus to others, meaning that vaccine mandates are not only coercive, they do not accomplish one of the main goals – preventing the spread of disease – that they set out to achieve.

    I strongly urge these vaccine mandates be reversed with immediate effect.

    Being vaccinated doesn’t make you less likely to spread the virus. In people who have actually contracted COVID, the mucous membranes release antibodies to protect the nose and mouth, and this helps reduce viral spread. COVID vaccination is largely ineffective at stimulating this secretion of antibodies in the nose. Further, all COVID vaccines currently in use have reduced effectiveness against the delta variant that is the dominant strain now.

  21. Mark says:

    I cannot believe that you are against the vaccine. We have eliminated small pox, polio and several other infective diseases, so why do you oppose this vaccine. I believed in some of your literature in the past, but now I wonder when it seems so obvious that the vaccine does work. It seems that you have let these right-wing loonies take over your mind.
    Get back on track!

  22. Barbara Neuby PhD says:

    Why are we not treating victims of Covid with safe drugs that exist? Remdesivir? Give me a break= $80,000. Same for monoclonal antibodies. Why is everybody so eager to “vaccinate” as the ONLY way to move forward? Why do you ignore the deaths of those vaccinated and I DO know people who have died right after they got the shot.

  23. Marcia Peters says:

    This is in-American and seems to be illegal.

  24. JOHN says:

    why did u change the info field? i WILL NOT USE THE NEW 1.

  25. Chelsea Sayer says:

    Every human being should be given informed consent for any medical procedure, injection or medication and have free will to make a decision. No one should be coerced, forced or placed under duress of losing their livelihood or ability to support themselves.
    It is time we stopped protecting pharmaceutical companies from liability. Their “products” have risks associated with them and yet they are exempt from any recourse for harm their product caused.

  26. Karrie Smith says:

    Absolutely unacceptable! This is not communist China and we will not allow it to become that!

  27. Erin Bailey says:

    I am ashamed of my government abandoning Nuremberg code although our laws have increased its strength here in the USA. Please stop the illegal mandates. I call upon you all to do the right thing and remove these mandates. These vaccines have been rushed and do not have safety studies that match the rigor of all our past vaccination studies. There is some evidence that the regulating bodies have been compromised by the pharmaceutical industry. Please do not go down in American History as those who blindly or self-interestedly pushed these unethical mandates upon the free American people.

  28. K Fuller says:

    Whether to get the vaccine or not should be individual choice, not mandated. A vaccination protects the person who receives it, so they that choose to receive it shouldn’t be concerned that others receive it or not, because they are covered. Too much harm has already been done, and these vaccines received FDA approval in under a year???

  29. Bharat Adarkar says:

    To the President and Congress: Kindly reverse these vaccine mandates.

  30. Janet Christian says:

    Do not force this killer vaccine on people! It is OUR choice not yours!

  31. Mark Steiner says:

    VAERS data confirms this “medicine” is destructive. I have no intention of taking a shot of a dangerous substance, the consequences of which taking is not communicated fully to me.

    Ask yourself, if the shot provider said the “vaccine” contained hydrogen cyanide, would you take it?

    Enough is enough. My people perish for lack of knowledge: Hosea 4:6. Time to get informed about dangerous meds.

  32. Charles King says:

    There should be an option to take Cuba’s vaccination along with those the Biden’s Administration is requiring many of us to take by November 22, 2021 or lose Federal employment. I believe Cuba’s vaccine is without the mRNA and clinically proven safer. In addition, no one should take a vaccination that is back by an immunity clause. Just like the police are granted qualified immunity by saying their life was threaten and in jeopardy and how the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act allows big pharma immunity by eliminating financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims. You see with God’s medicine you do not need a clause to eliminate financial or injury protection because God’s herbs are safest and are clinically proven.
    Therefore, Individual bodies should have immunity from poison’s that are capable of harming, threating, and jeopardizing God’s creation the human body; big pharma has no right to it. People life is being threaten and must have immunity from any vaccination and not forced out of work, hospitals, grocery stores, movie theaters; see The Nuremberg Code and put it in effect. President Biden quarantine the sick first.
    This mandate is pushing in the communism zone to have total control of government over the people. The FTC’s total control over what people say or do is not life, but imprisonment. By Charles King

  33. kim says:

    Uphold and enforce the constitution. Enforce the bill of rights and the amendments. Punitive damages for this demented evil overreach. Counter damages for flagrant censorship for VAERS. Counter damages for censorship of opposing medical specialists opinions and studies and documentation.

  34. Debra Pine says:

    Stop the mandatory shots. How can you mandate what I do with my body? my body my choice. I want to see all the political parties line up with their families and get this injected into them for population control, this isn’t a secret anymore.
    You don’t know me and I am a not important to you, but I have family that believes I am important. How can you tell me to put my life on the line, to conform or die. What’s happened to this country is terrifying, I am more afraid of the mass psychosis people are under more than I’m afraid of the virus. Shame on you.

  35. Nancy DeJarlais says:

    I sure hope all those people forced to get a Covid shot do NOT have the horrible reaction I’ve had (since March 3d)!! It was unbearable the first few months and still hurts, having settled mostly around the jab site and through to my lymph nodes under both arms!!!!

  36. Vicky Gannon says:

    I believe in the mandate! We need this to move pass this and prevent stronger mutations! I use bio identical hormones and go to holistic doctors but I disagree with your stand on this issue! We all need to come together to protect each other! I have lost a friend, also an acquaintance and have a friend with long haulers from COVID. I don’t want anymore when there is something we can and should do!

  37. Patricia K says:

    Vaccine Injury is unfortunately very common. As a mother of a child who had confirmed neurological damage from his vaccines 25 years ago, and as a decades long informed researcher into this issue (as most of us survivors have become), we will not give up the fight for freedom from medical tyranny. The medical and pharmaceutical industries need to be held liable for vaccine injuries, they currently are not. The government can not be allowed to choose our medical care. Anyone who believes in mandates needs to stop watching the controlled media and experience the tragedy of vax damage on your perfectly healthy child or yourself.

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