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Biden’s Supplement “Hit List” Explained

Biden’s Supplement “Hit List” Explained

The President has asked Congress to give the FDA the money and authority it needs to get the supplement “hit list” it wants. Action Alert!

Earlier this week, the Biden Administration released their Fiscal Year 2023 budget. Of immediate concern is the inclusion of a request for legal authority and funds so the FDA can move forward with mandatory product listing for dietary supplements, a burdensome, duplicative, and restrictive requirement we’ve been writing about for some time. It is critical that we let our Congressional representatives know that this policy cannot move forward.

What seems to be happening is this: those who want this policy are pushing hard behind the scenes to get all their ducks in a row to rapidly move this proposal through the legislative process to become law. All the pieces have lined up:

  • The proposal has a champion, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL);
  • Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee—that is, the committee the bill would have to pass to move forward in the senate—has voiced support for the measure;
  • The FDA has stated publicly its desire for mandatory product registration;
  • And now, President Biden has asked Congress to give FDA the funding and authority to create mandatory product registration.

With support from these powerful players, all from the same political party that currently has control of the House, Senate and Presidency, everything has come together for this policy to move rapidly to become law.

So how do we expect them to do it and how can we fight back to stop it? We’ve heard from our insider sources that proponents of the bill are trying to sneak mandatory product registration for supplements into the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), which is legislation that must pass by September 30, 2022. As we mentioned previously, this is one of the reasons why the next six months are critical to stopping this measure from moving forward, either by preventing it from getting attached to PDUFA or blocking a bill from getting introduced.

Our previous coverage details everything wrong with mandatory product registration for supplements. The problem is that many of your elected officials in Congress still think this proposal is completely harmless. Even though we know the bottom line is that if it gets approved, more than 41,000 supplements could be removed from the market.

Your House and Senate members need to hear from you, their constituent, that this proposal is an enormous waste of taxpayer dollars that you don’t want. We need to flood their inboxes with this message to be sure they hear it. Please share this action alert with others who care about natural health and access to supplements and ask them to also reach out to Congress and tell them to oppose this policy!

Supporters of this proposal are working quickly behind the scenes so there is no time to lose!

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to oppose “mandatory filing” for supplements. Please send your message immediately. Please also forward this alert to three friends and ask them to act. We need all hands on deck to defeat Durbin!

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6 thoughts on “Biden’s Supplement “Hit List” Explained

  • Elyse Van Breemen

    A “hit list” for vitamins and supplements? How can this be, when there should be one for pharmaceutical drugs! Vitamin and mineral supplements are natural. They are abstracted from plant and sometimes animal sources.

    I am 80 years old and not on one pharmaceutical drug! People can’t believe I’m 80. And I’m healthy! I do take vitamin and mineral supplements as our food supply, unless perhaps organic, lacks many of the things we need for optimum health.

    Moreover, by taking and choosing supplements, I am cause over my own health. I do not want the government telling me what I can or cannot imbibe. This violates my basic freedom.

    Also, medicine used to be homeopathic and natural. I would like to see it be that way again.

    Please do not O.K. this bill.

  • Blaize

    I have read about this several times now and support trying to stop Durbin’s ridiculous bill. But as a user and supporter of supplements, I can’t seem to get any info from anyone about what supplements are on the “hit list”?

  • Christopher Loftis USN (Ret)

    I am 65 and take about three handfuls of nutritional supplements per day. People have been taking these substances for thousands of years, and I have never had any of the side effects associated with most of Big Pharma’s drugs. I used to take L- tryptophan, as it is a known precursor to serotonin. I consider it more than a coincidence that at about the same time as the saturation of the market with SSRIs occured that l-triptophan was taken off the market with the excuse that some foreign manufacturer of it had adulterated a large run of it. What balderdash!

    And now it seems these harbingers of greed, the pharmaceutical industry, wants to redefine substances that people have been using for their healthful benefits forever as medicine, such that they may monetize these benefits, and may the People be damned. Again, balderdash!

    Please do your all to prevent Big Pharma from robbing the people of their nutritional supplements.

  • jb

    Doesn’t writing to Congress and signing petitions just alert them to the issues that are important to us so they make sure to pass contolling legislation?

  • Meaghan Simpson


    For many years, yes for decades now so for more than 30 years, we the people for Alternatives to Chemical medicine (fake medicine) , which I factually call SickoCare!

    The price of freedoms is eternal vigilance yes I know, as did my parents and grandparents and great grandparents as all of us lived here in USA where USA gov wars on our Heritage Heirloom Organic Standards for seeds, plants
    and animals Farming and Gardening and Animal Husbandry has been under heavy invasions, attacks by immoral, insane Big AG BIZ, BIG POISON

    I support truth, love and healing for our Natural Rights and Freedoms!!!

  • Maureen

    I personally would not be able to deal with my pain from osteoarthritis if it weren’t for the Supplements I take . I have been pain free for 4yrs now, thank you to this healthy lifestyle I’ve begun & aware of everyday. M.R., NY

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