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Butter Is Better

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If you don’t think so, consider this.
Here is a flow chart from showing the manufacturing process of margarine:
flow chart
This wonderful product also contains unnatural trans fats, which contribute to heart disease, cancer, bone problems, hormonal imbalance and skin disease; and free radicals, the result of high temperature industrial processing of vegetable oils, which may contribute to cancer and heart disease.
Butter is better by almost every measure. Even setting aside the fact that no margarine comes close to butter in taste, butter actually protects us from many diseases, as the Weston A. Price Foundation has noted. Butter is the best and most easily absorbed source of vitamin A, which is needed for the health of the thyroid and adrenal glands, which in turn help maintain the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system. Abnormalities of the heart and larger blood vessels occur in babies born to vitamin A deficient mothers.
Butter also contains a number of antioxidants that protect against the kind of free radical damage that weakens the arteries. It’s also a very rich source of selenium, a vital antioxidant; in fact, butter contains more per gram than herring or wheat germ.
If that isn’t convincing enough, last March’s study in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded, quite emphatically, that “saturated fat does not cause heart disease.”
“The fact is, there has never been solid evidence for the idea that these fats cause disease,” says the Wall Street Journal. “We only believe this to be the case because nutrition policy has been derailed over the past half-century by a mixture of personal ambition, bad science, politics and bias.”
Unfortunately some of that politics and bias has been at the American Heart Association, which still recommends avoiding saturated fat.

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