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CDC Finally Tests for Glyphosate in Humans

CDC Finally Tests for Glyphosate in Humans
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From Moms Across America

Moms Across America is thrilled that the staff at the CDC have decided to follow through with important glyphosate testing. We commend their courage to address the reality of the contamination of glyphosate, despite any corporate pressure they may be experiencing.

There are massive ramifications to finding (once again) that the majority of the US population has glyphosate present in their bodies. 

It is crucial to note the study by German scientist Monika Kruger, showing that glyphosate does collect in the bone marrow, tendons, and muscle tissue of livestock who consumed glyphosate-sprayed grains. The study also showed that higher levels of glyphosate were present in humans that were sicker, showing a correlation between the consumption of glyphosate and the increased health crisis in countries around the world. In addition, there are  hundreds of studies clearly showing that glyphosate is causing cancer, liver and kidney disease, reproductive effects, miscarriage, the masculinization of females, the destruction of sperm. 

The “new” CDC findings, albeit nine years after requested, and more than 40 years after the EPA and FDA allowed glyphosate to be used in the food supply, are better later than never. The response was far from “urgent” however, and the repercussions of their delay are far-reaching.

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