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Conventional Medicine Claims Another Casualty

Conventional Medicine Claims Another Casualty
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An 8-year-old boy died from complications arising from a scrape on his thigh.
From Fox News:

When the second-grader took a tumble off his bike on the driveway of his family’s farm in Pilot Rock, Ore., and suffered a large gash on his thigh he didn’t panic. His mom, Sara Hebard, rushed him to the emergency room, where he was given seven stitches… But within days, Flanagan’s pain seemed to get worse. As a precaution, Hebard decided to take him back to the hospital, where she was shocked to discover flesh-eating bacteria had spread from Flanagan’s ankle to his armpit.

Comment: Once again, conventional medicine refuses to consider natural remedies that are safe and effective—especially in our “post-antibiotic era” where conventional antibiotics don’t work—because natural medicines are cheap and lack profit potential. Bacteria cannot develop resistance to natural antibiotics like Manuka honey, silver, or even iodine (combined with dimethyl sulfoxide to carry it through the skin). This story also underscores the danger of hospital-spread infections. Hospital errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. Put differently, 10% of US deaths are due to preventable medical mistakes.

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