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Council of Scientific Advisors

ANH-USA’s Council of Scientific Advisors helps our Rapid Media Response team combat the flood of bad science—poorly designed studies and questionable methodologies, with sometimes completely unsupported conclusions—which is so readily disseminated by the media.

Often, profoundly flawed studies that support the interests of big business are trumpeted by the media as being conclusive and authoritative. Rarely does the media use investigative journalism to sift through the assertions; rarely is there any examination of the researchers’ methodology or potential bias—while valuable independent research is either decried or is not covered at all.

Our scientific advisors weigh in whenever there is new science related to nutrition and dietary ingredients in supplements. Advisors provide scientific expertise to help ANH-USA educate the media and craft the most effective advocacy strategies.

The advisors on our council are some of the finest scientific minds across the globe, and come from a variety of specialties. Collectively, they provide comprehensive and unbiased analysis that allows ANH-USA to operate at the vanguard of the natural health movement.


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