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Decision on BPA—Is the FDA Conclusion Deeply Flawed?

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The topic of bisphenol A (BPA) regulation has been discussed in the September 9 and September 23 issues of Pulse of Health Freedom. Now thirty-six scientific advisers on an independent panel have concluded that the draft decision of the FDA on BPA used “unacceptable criteria for selecting data and depend(ed) heavily upon a key paper this is fatally flawed.” These experts concluded that the FDA chose industry-funded research studies and appeared to ignore hundreds of studies that have been funded by NIH and its counterpart in other countries.

The scientists went on to present a detailed analysis of the paper which the FDA identified as its “gold standard,” and pointed out fatal errors that rendered the paper useless for regulatory assessment. They concluded that NIH-funded research is more likely to yield valid results than industry-funded studies because it undergoes a far more rigorous review. .

It is clear that a complete overhaul of the FDA is needed to advance medical science and innovation and preserve the communication of legitimate scientific research. The FDA’s protection of medical monopolies and the interests of industry adversely affect the safety of Americans. Sign the petition today to reform the FDA.

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