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Does It Or Doesn’t It-the Ivermectin Saga Continues

Does It Or Doesn’t It-the Ivermectin Saga Continues

The mainstream media jumped on a new study purporting to show ivermectin is a failed treatment for COVID. Action Alert!

The Wall Street Journal’s headline: “Ivermectin Didn’t Reduce Covid-19 Hospitalizations in Largest Trial to Date.” The New York Times’ headline: “A large study finds that ivermectin does not reduce risk of Covid-19 hospitalization.” Surely this is cased closed on ivermectin’s ability to help with COVID, right?

Not quite. Once again, the media fail to critically analyze the actual results of a study and instead jump right to the sensationalist headlines that “stick it” to those who dare to question their orthodoxy.

The study suffered from some of the same problems as other studies finding ivermectin to be ineffective. The dosage was too low, treatment was only for three days when it should continue for five days after symptoms subside, and the study population had to have at least one risk factor for severe disease, like a comorbidity or be 50 years or over, which is not representative of the wider population. Further, ivermectin treatment in the study started within seven days of first symptoms, but this is not early enough; ivermectin needs to be started immediately, ideally on day one of symptoms presenting. 

Even with the study designed to fail, those in the ivermectin group fared better than the placebo group, though the results were not statistically significant.

What explains the fervent desire among journalists at major institutions and some in the scientific community to show that ivermectin is a failure? Could it be that their sponsors in the drug industry don’t want an off-patent, cheaply available drug to serve as a viable alternative to vaccines or other expensive treatments for COVID like remdesivir? If ivermectin were widely hailed as a success for COVID, attention might start to turn to other off-patent treatments for other diseases, threatening Big Pharma’s ability to re-package their drugs to create new blockbusters that bankrupt our country but make them billions.

Action Alert! Write to the FDA and Congress, telling them to set the record straight on ivermectin! Please send your message immediately.

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8 thoughts on “Does It Or Doesn’t It-the Ivermectin Saga Continues

  • w. matt held


  • I was wondering if the article was a “hit piece.” Yep, it certainly was. Maybe those that trashed the study should be deplatformed for stupidity! Not only for the study itself, but for the process of the research that was done. So many stupid journalists, so little common sense!

  • Dr Dov Stein

    the study states 400mcg per kg daily for 3 days, which for an average 70 kg male is 28 mg. That does not seem to me like under-dosing.

  • Karin Yates

    Wow. I am unsubscribing from this site. Why on dog’s green earth would anyone even imagine that an anti-parasitic drug that is toxic in large quantities to animals would cure a viral infection?!? I suppose y’all drink your urine too. So disappointing.

    • clyde

      Karin, Why do the off patent drugs that do not make millions for the drug companies work all over the world but not in the US where our Representatives are bought and paid for by big pharma ??? Just asking. Follow the MONEY !!!

  • Rae Ann

    Where can one find the studies that support the use of ivermectin to fight covid? I’m a registered nurse and I want to completely disregard this article but I respect your mission and believe in healthful alternatives. I sign your petitions fighting congress’ efforts to shut down natural supplements and compound pharmacies every time I see them. So please point me to the ivermectin studies.
    Thank you

    • AF

      This virus is 78% identical to sars-cov 1 and ivermectin was an effective treatment for that. They knew it would at least be moderately effective on sars cov 2. There are studies done showing it’s effectiveness and I personally know people who took it and it worked quite well for them. Not saying it is a cure all but should be considered as a safer/cheaper addition to what’s being used in most cases. It’s safety recorded is better then most analgesics and I have known people on it for years and one was approaching a decade on it for an auto-immune disease. It is sold over the counter in many countries, one of those was France where they changed it’s designation back to prescription in Jan. 2020. I will let you figure out if they thought it was going to work or not.

  • Someone

    OK, go to where you will get a meta analysis of this drug. A meta analysis is the most comprehensive review of all of the studies available on it. There is NO doubt now the drug works.

    For the person wondering how an “antiparasitic” drug that is “toxic” in large doses would cure a viral infection. Ummmm. It’s better to remain silent and let people think you may be ignorant, than to open it and remove all doubt. There are a myriad of drugs that are commonly used off label for different illnesses. It is an extremely complex topic and certainly cannot be summed up with a simple quip. Furthermore, an overdose of that Tylenol you have in your bathrooms cabinet will kill you more quickly than an overdose of Ivermectin.

    I personally read the study mentioned here. It is a complete farce and a hit piece. The very FIRST thing they did was eliminate anyone already on Ivermectin, or hydroxychloriquine, and a few others for that matter. I mean, if they don’t work, why exclude them in the first place???

    Next, ALL respiratory antivirals should be started within 2 days of symptom onset. This is on the CDC’s own website. All mainstream pharma medications are tested on that basis. To create a 2-7 baseline is just ridiculous and a farce, especially since Covid symptoms seem to lag behind typical flu onset symptoms by a day to several days. The authors are either ignorant or willfully trying to manipulate the outcomes.

    If you think that pharma is not swaying journal articles, you are woefully naive.

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