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EU Prepares For High Dose Vitamin B6 Ban

EU Prepares For High Dose Vitamin B6 Ban
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From ANH International

European and UK authorities have shown their intent to ban high dose vitamin B6 since the 1990s, despite decades of evidence that it has multiple benefits, including through its role in increasing energy levels, reducing homocysteine, so lowering the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s, relieving premenstrual symptomsimproving moodreducing depression, and reducing lung cancer risk.

The battle between the drug and supplement industries continues to be fought as those who use high dose vitamins are less likely to take drugs. The FDA has long attempted to classify the bioactive, coenzyme form of B6 – that has never been associated with any risks at high dosages – as a drug. 

The difficulty for many of us users of high dose B6 is that we can’t just switch to a drug form if the supplement forms are banned. That’s because there are very few (and sometimes no) high dose B vitamin drugs available – especially ones containing 20 mg or more of B6. This means if high dose supplements are axed, natural health choice for the European consumer simply disappears altogether and people will find it ever harder to create and regenerate their health independently of the system.   

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