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FDA Backs Glutathione Ban

FDA Backs Glutathione Ban

The threat to this critical medicine deepens. We have to act fast to protect glutathione. Action Alert!

Ahead of the June 8th meeting of an FDA advisory committee, the FDA has released its own recommendation for whether glutathione should be permitted to be made at specialized pharmacies for individual patients—and the news isn’t good. The agency has recommended that compounded glutathione be banned from pharmacy compounding. We need to work fast to make sure the FDA and its committee knows that patient health will be harmed if we do not have access to compounded glutathione.

In its materials released ahead of the June 8th meeting of its Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC), the FDA explains its reasoning for backing a ban on compounded glutathione. The FDA cites safety issues with glutathione, including hepatoxicity, or damage to the liver. Huh? Is the FDA aware that n-acetylcysteine (NAC), which tells the body to make glutathione, is the standard treatment for acetaminophen poisoning—which causes liver injury? What is the FDA thinking?

The FDA doesn’t appear to be concerned about the common drugs on the market that can also lead to liver injury, like many antibiotics (amoxicillin-clavulanate, flucloxacillin, sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim, and erythromycin) and NSAIDs (diclofenac, Ibuprofen). In fact, the FDA has an entire database of drugs known to cause liver injury with over 1,000 entries.

This exposes what a sham the FDA’s process is. The precursor to glutathione is used to treat drug-induced liver injury in hospitals, and glutathione is being banned…because it damages the liver? It doesn’t pass the sniff test. This supports our theory from the start: the FDA is doing whatever it can to protect drug industry profits. We reported previously on the wide range of uses for glutathione—and that’s the problem. Because it is so useful for such a variety of conditions, it competes with and threatens the financial viability of lots of different drugs. Here comes FDA, once again, to save Big Pharma’s bacon and the expense of patients.

We need a strong response from patients to show the FDA and PCAC that people care about and need access to this medicine. We encourage advocates to add a personal story if you have one when filling out the action alert below

Action Alert! Use the form below to post a message to regulations.gov defending glutathione; you will also send a message to the FDA, PCAC, and Congress. Please send your message immediately.

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8 thoughts on “FDA Backs Glutathione Ban


    Glutathione is the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT MADE IN THE BODY. It makes other antioxidants to get back to work when they begin to dwindle. It cures so many things and builds muscle. it fights alheimers and many other things. It helps keep a person from aging. I love glutathione and they better not take it away. OH HOW WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK BEFORE THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION KILLS US ALL.

  • Donna

    FDA – Financially Driven Agency
    Approving poisons and banning healthy substances, this agency is worthless to the citizens. Time to disband it.
    These unelected, politically appointed “officials” need to be investigated.

  • Michelle Alvarado

    This is sad!! I knew it was coming with this administration, I was prewarned, but couldn’t believe it. Now it is actually happening. Why?? Glutathione played a key role in restoring my memory loss that happened after Covid. If I didnt have access to it, there would be nothing western medicine could have done to restore my memory. Western medicine says there is no cure for dementia, well I’m here to tell you, glutathione NAC cured my predementia in just about 1 month, my memory is stronger than it was before. Please, send a letter to congress asking them to stop the ban!!

    • Taylor Young

      No on the rebuilding! No more Chemical Patented DRUGS ! All people must learn to take responsibility for their own health. Create a lifestyle of natural organic everything, and leave the chemicals behind. We are the sickest nation in the world thanks to the Pharmaceutical Cartels. They have brainwashed people into believing that THEY are our only saviours and that natural healing modalities are quackery.
      YES on the dissolution of FDA, but don’t stop there! All the 3 Letter agencies need to go. They were corrupted long ago, if indeed, they were ever working for the good of We the People.
      We actually don’t need the protection “they” tell us we need. We actually need protection from THEM!!

  • Kim

    Why isn’t the FDA alarmed over the VAERS data? Could it be that they are more interested in making money than saving lives? I think so!

  • Kat

    The elite globalists, people like Bill Gates and George Soros now own all our big agencies like the FDA who are supposed to be looking out for us. We need to stand up to the tyranny and preserve our right of choice!

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