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FDA Censorship Could Impact Preterm Births

FDA Censorship Could Impact Preterm Births
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Don’t let FDA stifle free speech and suppress the scientific evidence that vitamin D helps prevent preterm births. Action Alert!

As we reported recently, Ocean Spray’s petition for a qualified health claim for cranberry products and reduced risk of urinary tract infections demonstrates the horrible track record FDA has in allowing free speech about the benefits of foods and supplements. The agency now has a chance to approve a health claim for vitamin D in reducing the risk of preterm births. Will the agency allow this information to be communicated to consumers, potentially saving thousands of lives, or will it once again protect drug industry monopolies by stifling free speech about cheap, safe, and effective food and supplements?

The role of vitamin D in preventing preterm births is well established scientifically. Recently, the Medical University of South Carolina, in partnership with GrassrootsHealth, found that pregnant women who maintain vitamin D levels of 40-60 ng/ml experience a 60% reduction of preterm birth risk, with zero safety issues.

This information could alleviate a lot of suffering. In 2016, one in ten babies were born prematurely in the US, costing $12.7 billion annually and creating an increased risk of death, breathing and intestinal issues in the short-term, and potentially leading to long-term developmental delays. Vitamin D is an inexpensive and safe preventative method. To us, this seems like a no-brainer, but the FDA has fought tooth and nail against many legitimate health claims for food and food supplements. In our article last week on the qualified health claim for cranberries, we mentioned that currently approved claims for supplements have largely been the result of court victories over the FDA.

Our friends at the Organic & Natural Health Association (ONHA) have petitioned the FDA to allow a health claim for vitamin D describing its role in reducing preterm births. We hope the FDA will let the science speak for itself and grant ONHA’s petition—but we must hold the agency’s feet to the fire.

Action Alert! Write to the FDA and Congress in support of ONHA’s petition. Please send your message immediately.

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