Free Folate

You can’t live without folate, a B vitamin. Now the FDA plans to ban it in supplements so drug companies can have exclusive use of it.
Under new rules, the word “folate” will be banned from “supplement fact” labels; only “folic acid” will be allowed. Folate is the natural form of the vitamin, while folic acid is synthetic—and up to 40% of the population may have difficulty processing folic acid efficiently. Banning folate from the label is a sneaky way of banning it in the bottle.
All of us need folate, but it is especially important to prevent birth defects. Given folate’s popularity, drug companies have been dreaming of the billions they’d make by turning it into an expensive patented drug—now FDA is trying to hand it to them on a silver platter.
Don’t let FDA ban an essential vitamin for drug company profits—please act now!

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