Get Big Pharma Money Out of Science

Get Big Pharma Money Out of Science

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Help us Reform the FDA!

ANH-USA is leading a campaign to reform the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  We ask you to join with us in signing the Reform FDA Petition presented below. This petition will be delivered to Congress. Take Action>>

Reform FDA Mission
prescription_drugsWe believe that the FDA is a broken agency that needs a complete reform and restructuring. As presently run, it:

  • Obstructs medical science and innovation;
  • Forbids and censors the communication of legitimate, peer reviewed scientific research;
  • Protects entrenched medical monopolies which pay its bills and hire its employees;
  • Interferes with the rights of consumers to learn about good science (especially relating to food and supplements) that could prolong and save lives and promote health;
  • And unnecessarily drives up the cost of healthcare to the point where employers can no longer afford to hire and the entire American economy is threatened.

What is needed under these circumstances is not incremental reform, but complete reform, a thorough overhaul of every part of the FDA. The purpose of this campaign is to persuade the American public and Congress that a total reform of the FDA is absolutely necessary in order to rebuild the American healthcare system and make it once again the envy of the world. Read More>>

Big Pharma and the FDA: Suppress the Science, Ban the Natural Substances, Sell the Drugs!
RX, Motar  & PestleMarch 30, 2009In 2005, an up-and-coming pharmaceutical company made a big mistake: they invested millions of dollars into developing a drug only to discover that the only active ingredient of the drug, pyridoxamine, was really a common, naturally occurring substance that has been sold for decades at low cost to consumers in the form of a dietary supplement, and has always been available in commonly consumed foods such as chicken and brewer’s yeast. Read More>>

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