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Glaxo Smith Kline Petition to Ban Weight Loss Supplements

If you took action to tell the FDA no to banning natural B-6, you will also have found Glaxo Smith Kline’s so-called Citizen’s Petition to the FDA that would have the effect of banning¬† weight loss supplements. As you see, Glaxo Smith Kline simply petitioned that obesity be considered a disease. But don’t be misled. Supplements are not allowed by the FDA to make disease claims.

If this petition is accepted, a supplement whose label spoke of weight loss would be illegal. So this is really a backdoor approach to reserving the huge weight loss market for drugs.

To give you a further glimpse into the brave new drug monopoly world that Glaxo Smith Kline would like to take us into, let’s look for a moment at the side effects of Glaxo Smith Kline’s top weight loss drug called Alli. The drug blocks enzymes that allow the body to use ingested fats. Is this direct interference with natural processes safe? Time will tell. But the immediate side effects listed include flatulence, foul odors, and a leaky bowel as the fat transits your system undigested.

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One thought on “Glaxo Smith Kline Petition to Ban Weight Loss Supplements

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