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Glyphosate Test Results in Major Chocolate Brands

Glyphosate Test Results in Major Chocolate Brands
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Hershey’s Chocolate Found to have 4X Higher Levels of Glyphosate than YouTuber, MrBeast’s Chocolate.

From Moms Across America

Two months ago, the second most popular YouTube creator in America, a 23-year-old known as MrBeast, launched a line of chocolates with a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket in the wrapper. The lucky ticket holder will win one million dollars. After ten years of making videos, MrBeast has close to 100 million followers. His fans are primary teens and early twenty-something who flock to his channel to see his latest antics, primarily consisting of giving away money and challenging himself and his fans. He is a humorous young man with what many teens call “a good heart,” doing things like funding the planting of trees, paying people’s rent, and giving money and cars away. His choice to make two out of four of the ingredients for his chocolates organic was a welcome surprise that we at Moms Across America applaud. Sixteen-year-old Bodee Honeycutt brought this line of chocolate to our attention, saying, “We should test MrBeast’s chocolate for glyphosate to show that using organic ingredients is better.”

Knowing that glyphosate is contaminating our food supply and affects our health, Bodee had a hypothesis. “I bet the results will show that MrBeast’s chocolate is almost as good as 100% organic, and if he went organic, the levels would be even lower.” He was interested in letting millions of young people know about the benefits of organic, as his health had significantly improved when he went organic. We were too.

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