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GM Fruit Fly Protein for Dinner?

GM Fruit Fly Protein for Dinner?

From Moms Across America

Throughout human history, insects have been part of the human diet in some cultures. Insects can provide protein, vitamins, and can be prepared like mammal meats. In some cultures this is tradition, in some scenarios this is survival. If you enjoy fried crickets or roasted ants, we are not judging you. However, what if the genes of an insect were tampered with in order to produce mammalian growth factors? That’s right, an insect with mammalian transgenes. This may sound like science fiction, but a Canadian biotech company is determined to put this on the market and make this a reality.

The company, Future Fields, is pushing a fruit fly genetically modified to produce mammalian growth factors. This GMO fly is named “EntoEngine”, also referred to as a “biofactory” by the company. This scheme is touted as an ‘environmentally friendly’ alternative to traditional meat, a ‘solution’ to greenhouse emissions on our planet. The intention is to create fake meat products out of these GMO fruit fly proteins.

Yet, do the expenses, risks and energy justify the so-called benefits?

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6 thoughts on “GM Fruit Fly Protein for Dinner?

  • David D Richard

    Whose environment, yours or mine? Hopefully neither and none of the above.

    A personal and global environmental assault upon our biosphere.

  • Lynne Boehm

    I demand that any human food made with insects be labeled as such, no fake names for bugs to fool us into eating this! I am horrified that this is even being considered! I will not ear bugs…..I would rather starve.

  • It’s not the bugs that will hurt you.. it is in reality big pharma, Monsanto, and the FDA who are hurting everything and everyone. Genetically modified poisons just for us… Aren’t they just wonderful….

  • They can say whatever they like about cultures eating insects. Their lifespans say it all. Eating insects produces an aggressive chemical called chitin, that over time, floods the brainstem with a type of cancer so bad you probably won’t get rid of it.

    This is what Hollywood elites and green corporations are trying to do when they advocate us to eat insects. This is why food packaging labels are disguising insects with other vague ingredients.

    From insects in our food to edible vaccines, we need to put an end to this control once and for all. We do this by stop buying their crap. Natural food doesn’t include ingredient labels because you know what it is. We even have to watch what produce we purchase. The four-digit numbers beginning with a “4” are not safe for us to ingest long-term. Instead, seek out the organic codes beginning with a “9” at your grocer’s produce section.

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