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Help End the Government’s Shameful Silence About Vitamin D—the Natural Way to Prevent and Treat Flu Including Swine Flu!

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With hundreds of thousands of seasonal flu-related complications, more than 35,000 deaths from the flu, and countless more from the H1N1 flu expected this season, ANH-USA asks the obvious question: What are the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Health and Human Services (HHS) doing about it? The answer: Not much!
Our goal is to persuade the CDC, FDA, NIH, and HHS to step up to the plate and help educate the public about the critical role Vitamin D plays in preventing and treating the seasonal and H1N1 flus along with many other health problems. In particular, we are asking the CDC, FDA, HHS, and NIH to issue statements outlining the immense benefits to be gained from supplementation during the flu season. In addition, HHS should update the government’s web site, www.flu.gov to include well established facts about Vitamin D.
Studies show that least one-third of Americans are wholly deficient in Vitamin D. We all need to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D year-round, not just during flu season. The government has an important role to play in getting this message out, but says nothing at all.
In anticipation of the government’s programmed response – that even more research needs to be done – we are also asking the CDC, FDA, NIH, and HHS to support and fund additional research on the importance of maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D, including the link between Vitamin D and flu prevention and treatment.
Why is the government utterly silent about Vitamin D and its benefits? Could it be because big corporations are not pushing such an inexpensive and readily available form of prevention and treatment? Whatever the reason, the government’s silence is shameful. Please sign our petition to these agencies now.  Take Action Here!

Vitamin D: The Super Supplement

Vitamin D is safe and effective for the prevention and treatment of seasonal and H1N1 flus. The scientific research is clear. Yet CDC, FDA, NIH, and HHS continue to tow the vaccine only line, working in close partnership with vaccine manufacturers who will make billions of dollars and who have been shielded from any liability by Congress.
This obsession with a vaccine approach makes little sense given the lack of time to test the vaccine for safety and efficacy and the challenge of producing enough vaccine on time. It makes even less sense when there are natural ways to prevent and treat the illness that have been thoroughly validated by science.
We are all familiar with the adaptive immune response. Our bodies mount a defense against a new invader and then maintain antibodies against future attacks by the same invader. This is exactly how vaccines are meant to work. But for such an immune response to work, your own immune system has to be primed and ready to do its job. Good nutrition is critical for this. Vitamin D is especially critical. Your immune system will not work without it.
Common sense tells us that what we eat will strengthen or weaken our immune systems. For some of the science behind this, see an article by Laura Landro, published in the November 24, 2009, issue of the Wall Street Journal. But even the best diet will not give us the amount of Vitamin D needed for the immune system to reach its full potential.

What Exactly Does Vitamin D Do?

When Vitamin D is lacking, we become a prime target for flu and the H1N1 Swine Flu. By contrast, those with sufficient levels of Vitamin D are able to fight off or throw off these attacking pathogens. Vitamin D boosts the innate immune response in many ways, but in particular by turning on an antimicrobial protein.
Vitamin D also balances the immune response, preventing inflammation that can lead to flu-related complications such as bacterial pneumonia or lung infection. Inflammation was the leading cause of deaths in the 1918 influenza pandemic .
Our vitamin-D mediated immune response has been with us through more than 60 million years of pre-human and human evolutionary selection. It must be critical to our survival, according to researchers at Ohio State University.
Flu is at least in part a Vitamin D deficiency disease. But the benefits of this wonder supplement go far beyond the flu. As John Cannell, MD, founder of the non-profit Vitamin D Counsel, has noted: “Current research has implicated vitamin D deficiency as a major factor in the pathology of at least 17 varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and more.” We join the Vitamin D Council in urging our government to break its silence about this wonder supplement.

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69 thoughts on “Help End the Government’s Shameful Silence About Vitamin D—the Natural Way to Prevent and Treat Flu Including Swine Flu!

  • John Castillo

    Yes, get the general public know about the great benefits of vitamin D, especially at this time of the year.

  • Edward R. Arnold

    Every MD in this country SHOULD have their patients achieve a Vitamin D level of 50. But how many are? Likewise, MDs are brutally ignorant of the wave of gluten-caused illnesses.
    It is high time the US Government actually did something, by having our Surgeon General issue an order to all physicians, to get smart about VItamin D and other issues they’re ignorant about. It is absolutely crucial that we take care of the huge health-care costs in the USA, by having our MDs (not just naturopaths) do common-sense things to eradicate/reduce illnesses via natural methods, where possible.

  • Sherry Helton


    • Bob Greene

      Sherry, there is an old adage– “Follow the money.”
      If you want to know why preventive medicine is violently opposed by the AMA and the business cartel servicing our 19th century medical care system, the issue is money– they are both invested in, and paid richly by a system providing the least benefit for the patient, but at maximum profit for themselves.
      And they will ride this SS Titanic of a system straight to the bottom, hanging on as long as they can.
      Our health care “system” is broken– exactly like Wall Street, all over again. The reason none of the bankers came to his senses and said, “This is wrong!” is Wall Street had little regulation by the public, in the public interest.
      Instead, Wall Street players already had lobbied for 20 years to repeal financial regulation, and were now making too much money to stop what was killing the rest of the country.

  • the aerial spraying has to stop. We need the sunlight that is being taken from us. Vitamin D is a great thing but we also need sun. Perhaps the government could break the silence on the vitamin D and do the same with the toxins that are dumped on us daily.

  • RS

    The effort to get the word out about vitamin D3 needs to be accompanied by additional info on the harmful additives that are being added to vitamin D3. Silicon dioxide is now being added to an increasing number of natural supplements with biased propaganda stating that it is inert. If it were inert, then why is used in immunological research to destroy circulating neutrophil, macrophage populations, thus preventing a normal immune response?
    Magnesium stearate is a transfat that prevents absorbtion of these supplements too. The special interest groups that are keeping the lid on vitamin D3 are already several steps ahead of you and your goals. Why aren’t you doing anything about it? The published literature is extensive. Wake up and realize that taking vitamin D3 with an immune destroying additive contadicts the effects of vitamin D3. The analogy is similar to putting a high octane additive to boost fuel efficiency and add some sugar water to boot. After awhile, the damage done by the sugar water accumulates and your engine can no longer run or be repaired.
    Don’t let the enemy outsmart you so quickly. They are well organized sociopaths that are adept at deceit and illusion! The one thing they don’t have is the foreknowledge of what will occur when they run to their tombs to escape the coming disaster they have minimalized through the media.
    Redeem the time left and fight the good fight with wisdom and let truth be authority and not authority your truth.

    • Diane

      I have not heard about these two items and I have found them in some good, expensive vitamins we take. Do you have sources for the information above? It sound very important.

  • Emily Dale

    My husband is 93 and I’m 84. We don’t get flu shots of any kind, but take 2000 IU Vitamin D-3 daily, together with other vitamins and minerals. We don’t get flu either, or any other diseases. To us, it is proof positive of the benefits of vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy life.

    • Ed

      Emily, did you use a specific brand or manufacturer of the D-3 and was it a capsule or a tablet?
      There was a posting about Silicon dioxide is now being added to vitamins, so does the D-3 you
      took have any silicon dioxide?
      This is important because you are a success study that we the readers could follow. Thank you.

  • Richard Bailey

    The medical community has tried to delete Vitamn D from our lives by franticaly sayng the sun causes skin cancer and slathering sun screen all over our bodies. The result is the need for pharmaceuticals and vaccines because of weakened immune systems. Sunsine vitamin D is healthy. How did our species survive for millions of years without SPF lotions.

  • carolyn watson

    Govt. is bad for everyone’s Health and they tried to keep Truth hidden about the importance of our vitamins.

  • chris gunn

    I hope that somebody listens to this reasoning, that Vitamin D is essential to health and that there are measurable results with the flu. it is inexpensive, and effective, and not controlled by the big Pharma. It is about time for the government to listen to the facts and the voice of the people and give natural treatments the respect and support that they deserve and QUIT KILLING AMERICAN PEOPLE by suppressing this information and promoting harmful pharmaceudicals.

  • Gail Portanova, M.D.

    I join the Vitamin D Council in urging our government to break its silence about this wonder supplement.

  • Fred and Betty Krueger

    Our government organizations ought to be educating all Americans about the importance of Vitamin D in maintaining a healthy immune response, especially in the seasons when there is less sunshine.

  • Erv Amdahl

    It’s unbelievable, the government succumbs to Big Pharma and approves drugs that kill more people than illicit drugs and yet stands silent re: vitamins, herbs and foods that promote health and healing that have been around for thousands of years just because they haven’t been through some drug company sponsored trials that they rig to give the results they want to fatten their bank account and are willing to pay out billions in fines and lawsuits after thousands have been killed and they are eventually pulled, but in the meantime they have made billions more than the penalties will ever amount to and you wonder why our cost of health care is so high. Maybe if they had truthful trials and a ban on advertising like once was the rule, our costs would come down and a lot of families would be spared going to funerals caused by the greed of Big Pharma.

  • Ollie

    The government should help people instead of keeping them in the dark!
    So I am insisting that the government tell the truth about vitamin D.

  • Ronald M. Gagne

    The American people no longer trust Governmental offices but have a little faith in our legislature, but not much more. Save your jobs by doing what is best for the people not what is pouring billions of dollars into the Medical Mafia and save lives at the same time. Tell the people about Vitamin D and the benefits of the sun, not just fish oil.
    Ronald M. Gagne
    Master Herbalist

  • donna jones

    I was extremely Vit. D defficient (my level was 8) when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45, despite the fact that I ate healthy, worked out at the gym 5 days a week, and maintained a healthy weight and bmi.
    The fact that I could have been spared the war of cancer on my body by taking a Vit. D supplement is mind boggling to me.
    The government needs to get with the program!

  • Horacio Prada

    When was young 40 years ago I used to love go out in the sun. It made me feel great. Then the propaganda about skin cancer made me shun the sun. Now I realize it was a huge mistake and I’m begining to love sunshine again and my feelings of youth are returning. It’s no wonder, the sun produces viatmin D which is VITAL (Vita = life).
    The decades of harm by the scientifically malicious propaganda about skin cancer from the sun should be reversed with an aggressive campaing by our government to restore the belief on the necessity of sunshine on our skin for vitamin D production and protection against cancer and the flu.

  • per melin

    It´s insane that the government does not recommend vitamin D3, but easy to understans, as they sit in the lap of Big Pharma.
    It is all a conspiracy against health, from greed and hunger for even more power.

  • Good luck geting th CDC to give a hoot!! Not to sound paranoid but everytime “we the people” need a new prescription or vaccine to promote, they create a new disease in their little labs and put it out into the public and protest that they actually want to control epidemic situations. I’m All for vitamin D3 and countless “non medical” ways to ward off viruses.

  • Maurice Aird

    Get the insurance companies on this band wagon: North Dakota (a far northern state) Blue Cross Blue Shield has plastered this state with a great poster: (in large letters) Vitamin D: Your Power Tool for Health. (goes on to enumerate all the prevention and health benefits) Great graphic of a d capsule
    The “Bottom Line” motive is a big incentive to prevent illness.

  • yes, this evil within the confines of our government want you to believe the sun is bad. that the lies are true, that tv is good, that gluttony is good. Every thing the say is opposite. nothing that comes from their mouth is of good will! plz become righteous in our precious time on this planet, think of others over yourself always and the one and only lord will take care of you.

  • nath981

    and to worsen matters, the little D3 that is available to the unsuspecting general population, e.g., in cod liver oil and multi-vitamins is nullified by the presence of Vitamin A, so it’s basically a waist to think that you’re getting any unless it is taken separate from A.

  • Lou Chmielowiec

    Whatever tests are required to provide convincing evidence, I recommend that we conduct them as soon as possible. We need to raise the health level of all Americans, and evidence indicates that Vit. D supplementation is the least expensive method.

  • syd

    I’ve been taking at least 5000 IUs daily of D3 since quitting flu vaccines several years ago and try to let others know about this inexpensive cure. The government’s lack of support for such remedies explains our soaring health care costs and the huge profits of Big Pharma.

    • Bob Greene

      The Vitamin D3 issue makes clear we must reform national health care.
      Abominably high prices for conventional, reactive medical treatment are the direct result of an industry cartel across medicine– both its practicioners and its regulators (the FDA). That cartel does not bring the benefits of modern medicine to the people who need them desperately.
      Instead, our medical care cartel is resistant to reform and improvement, and each industry player fights to protect its own turf, and reinforce the power of the others– which renders them an organized gang.
      In contrast, the American people demand a new health care policy, and voted for one. This new policy includes bringing new medical information and treatments to Americans which can prevent disease, and increase life expectancy and patient outcomes. And bring these benefits to all Americans at affordable prices.
      This kind of medicine is 21st century, and far better than 19th century reactive (after the disease) care. Clearly, the therapeutic use of D3 and any trial of other new therapies– and new policies to make them affordable– will mean vast cost savings, and improved public health in the long term.
      Most of America’s 900,000-plus medical practicioners are not AMA-affiliated, and they do not support multiple-payer, private insurance systems, as now constituted. They understand private insurance operators are middlemen, who contrive for all the profit they can get.
      Even if it means shortchanging the patient. While in the early 1990’s, private insurers believed taking only three percent profit on each health care policy premium dollar was an acceptable return, today they insist on Wall Street returns of 20-30 percent, and that money demands higher insurance prices, and leaves less money for the patient.
      Generally, medical practicioners like the Medicare model of payment better than the multitude of private approaches for its lower cost of operation, accessibility and a simple, one-source center for all billing.
      For that matter, even the private insurance industry now agrees that the current rate of cost increase for medical care is UNsustainable.
      Yes, even private insurers agree– we must employ new models for public health care policy and treatment.

  • einzigal

    It’s good to see the truth about the benefits of Vitamin D coming to light as well as the governmental cover up facilitated by the financially corrupted FDA whose interests lie with their BigPharma cronies and not with the American public.
    Certainly the best way to obtain healthy levels of Vitamin D is through responsible, frequent sun exposure–something else we are falsely told will harm us. If sunshine is not available, find a tanning booth that uses electronic ballasts for their bulbs…(if the “hum” don’t use them!)
    AVOID VACCINES if at all possible for they contain toxic substances your body was never meant to metabolize.

  • Carole Schreck

    Vitamin D–get the word out ! ! ! It’s the right thing to do for so many reasons. Our government agencies should be looking out for the best interest of each and every citizen. Vitamin D will help our bodies’ immune responses, our overall health and the health or our pocketbooks!
    It’s about time!

  • Kim Irene Anderson

    As a postmenopausal women in her fifties, I’ve been the pied piper among the women I know about the benefits of Vitamin D, especially African American women as it relates to the flu and to cancer. I know of at least 6 African American women in the 30s who have died from breast cancer in the Philadelphia area, leaving young children to struggle without their mothers. Among my older friends who are Asia, Caucasian, African American, just this year, one has successfully battled breast cancer, another battles colon cancer, a third succumbed to bone cancer and another died from stomach cancer. It breaks my heart. Much of the time my words fell on deaf ears, but now with the increased acknowledgement of by the media, surprisingly the entertainment media, it is getting out despite the government’s silence. A young friend of mine who is in her 30s and a breast cancer survivor is currently being pressured to have her ovaries removed because she has the breast cancer gene, but not once have these professionals mentioned the benefits of vitamin D to her. Fortunately, many of my friends are listening to me as I tell them to go to their doctors and demand the test that will inform them about their Vitamin D status, and to be ready to tell their doctors that “normal” is not the same as “optimal” levels once their results come back.

  • karenlewis (o)

    Spread the word & save lives! However, you’d think someone would have made the connection before this… “Hmm! We don’t get the flu much in summer! I wonder why!?”
    (We get vitamin D naturally from sunlight– our body synthesizes it to protect our skin from UV rays. Only problem: increased skin cancer ratio)

  • Thank you for raising public awareness of this critical health issue.
    There is considerable evidence to show that regular use of vitamin D supplements decreases breast cancer risk, and a recent estimate projected that raising vitamin D levels in the general population would prevent approximately 58,000 new cases of breast cancer in the United States and Canada alone.
    Ref. Garland CF, Gorham ED, Mohr SB, Garland FC. Vitamin D for cancer prevention: global perspective. Ann Epidemiol. 2009 Jul;19(7):468-83.

  • I know of 6 people who beat the flu this season by using the vitamin D cure – 1,000IU for each pound of body weight for 3 days in a row. That’s 150,000IU a day for a 150 pound individual.

  • Luc

    OK, so we can’t rely on any government to take care of our health. What else is new?
    But it is puzzling to me why private insurance companies don’t advise their policy holders to take D3 and other nutrients. Would it not save them a heap of money? They could probably profit from giving it away with every policy.

    • Bryon

      “But it is puzzling to me why private insurance companies don’t advise their policy holders to take D3 and other nutrients. Would it not save them a heap of money? They could probably profit from giving it away with every policy.
      In the beginning they would be heroes for bringing this to the masses. Over time people will no longer be cronically ill and won’t need or want the insurance or will take a much less expensive policy. In the end the insurance companies would lose their customer base…

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