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  1. Evelyn M. Coltman says:

    My family has used homeopathic remedies for 25 years with great benefit and no side effects. We do not take drugs and instead use homeopathic remedies, herbals, vitamins, minerals, flower remedies. and other functional medicine approaches to healing. Some regulators themselves do not understand how homeopathy works, insisting that it is diluted and, therefore, weak medicine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Homeopathic remedies are diluted and succussed, but that does not translate into weak. They are safe, they are effective, they are inexpensive, and they compete with dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. That is their problem – the pharma establishment cannot stand any competition that might undermine their profits. They taut safety because their products have undergone “testing.” However, tens of thousands of people die each year from these “tested” medications. How many people die from homeopathy? ZERO.

  2. Meliss VerDuin says:

    Please PROTECT Homeopathy treatments! It SAVES LIVES!!

  3. The very least we have to have is that if the FDA is able to legally establish that homeopathics cannot be stated to be medicine, that they must at least be able to be established that they fall in the realm of supplements or energy medicine to protect their availability to clinicians and the public. Dr. J. Comanor.

  4. Jeff Wells says:

    Homeopathy is a COMPLETE *FRAUD* because it’s nothing but *WATER* diluted so many times that the likelihood of a single molecule of the so-called “cure” still being in the final product is essentially *ZERO* – and if it’s not zero what could a single molecule of *anything* do??

    People have *DIED* from homeopathic “treatments'” but even worse so have their children and pets!

    Antone who advocates or practices this CRAP belongs in JAIL!!

  5. Linda says:

    My Dad had Lymphoma, and was doing very good, till he was put in nursing home to recover from a fall, they refused to let him take his homeopathic things, and he went down hill fast and passed away.

  6. Karl says:

    A Homeopathic doctor treated (and cured) my Polio. Homeopathy is definitely worth defending. Thanks to that doctor and my parents who were smart enough to reject the conventional wisdom of that era, I was never in one of those dreadful ‘Iron Lungs’.

  7. Katharine Kramer says:

    Homeopathic “medicines” are not harmful and are often helpful.

  8. Patti Hoyopatubbi says:

    We have to stand up to FDA which is controlled by big pharma so we can prevent and cure our selves with herbs and plants from the earth .
    They can’t make money on that so they lie and make chemicals in labs that make people sicker and never CURE anything!
    Stand up to them !

  9. MJ Raichyk says:

    Whatever happened to that research that showed that water molecules can be induced to have a ‘memory’ of what was mixed with them vigorously [whatever that meant]……… ?

    And now there’s even microdosing…

    or perhaps THIS ATTACK IS RELATED TO THE DOCTORS WHO **OFFER** CANCER PATIENTS THE OPTION OF DOING CHEMO AS HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE…….. boom! [strike ONE in FDA books]…..Saw that oncology-via-homeopathy interview once upon a time on Dr Mercola interviewing such an oncologist. The key was that he was also offering the full strength chemo so his license was safer.

    I favor orthomolecular and naturopathic medicine, but was impressed with the homeopathic score data on the 1918 pandemic, and that Hahneman tried his stuff on himself first. And i believe that our DO doctor said she used a homeopathic something to AVOID THE HOSPITAL VAX RULES…. [strike TWO in FDA books]…..

    The chiropractors won, so can you, imo. ttyl

  10. I’m a veterinary homeopathic practitioner. I’ve helped thousands of animals with homeopathy. There is no placebo effect in animals. This stuff works!!!!!

  11. Judy says:

    AS the old saying goes…AMERICA IS GREAT, FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Let AMERICANS make our own choices when it comes to our HEALTH. FDA know there is “NO PROFIT IN CURE” Let Freedom Ring.

  12. Margaret says:

    My husband was given narcotics for a recent procedure. Just two doses cause him to be severely constipated and experience great abdominal pain. We switched over to homeopathic and natural medications to help his pain. Not only did these products help his pain, there were no negative side effects.
    I have yet to meet an MD who has any understanding of homeopathic medicine. The fact is it is safe. Don’t they give an oath to Do no harm. If prescription medicine is the fourth leading cause of death in this country then I think that is reason to be alarmed. Who really needs to pull their products off the shelf?
    It’s just another case of big Pharma bullying people around for their profit.

  13. Donna Bugg says:

    I have been using homeopathy for 25 years now and it has helped me tremendously. I rarely get sick and haven’t had the flu in over 20 years. I use it for burns, digestive issues, etc. It is very unfair to remove something that works wonders without the side effects.

  14. Nina Fodale says:

    With all the man made toxic waste infiltrating our eco system and then our bodies, we need not to keep putting pharmaceuticals in our systems which leech back into the environment that causes more damage.
    If there is a more natural less invasive way to heal ourselves with the a better outcome why wouldn’t you support that? Seems like a no brainier to me.

  15. Roberta Jamieson says:

    I am a homeopathic patient and I also use it for my pers and farm animals. It WORKS! The allopathic medical cartel is trying to kibosh a modality they find threatening. They want to sell their drugs and keep the public sick and dependent.

  16. Kristen D says:

    Since stepping away from conventional medicine and choosing to use homeopathic medicine I have never been healthier. My brain fog is gone, sensory issues are under control, I sleep deep, my body doesn’t ache, I’m focused, motivated, energetic.

  17. Ruth Perkins says:

    I love homeopathy ♥️

  18. Jeanne says:

    My dog lived 2 1/2 more years due to homeopathy.

  19. If the law of similars does not work then why does the medical establishment use antivenom, when no double blind studies have been done on them. Homeopathy, like antivenom, does not work because of the dose, because of who manufactured it, because scientists approve of it, but because it follows a law of nature. The law of gravity affects everyone the same way, it does not affect those who believe in it more than those who do not.. The law of similars works in the people who do not believe in it, in the same way it does in those who do. For instance, whether you believe that surf life savers say not to swim against the current, you will still perish if you do. A law begins to operate the moment it is activated. When a virus enters the body the immune system begins to manufacture antibodies to fight the very virus that enters the body. Homeopathy is a form of immunotherapy. Antibiotics on the other hand uses the law of opposite.

  20. Beth Crafts Bell says:

    Homeopathy does work for me and many many many people I know who also use homeopathy. This is just about drug companies being worried about alternative care taking away some of the market share. Very sad. We need to push back every chance we get. Talk to YOUR Representatives at the local, State and Federal level. You have to let the know what you experience and opinion is on this issue. It does make a difference – or atleast we must believe it does!

  21. Rosetta Davis says:

    I have been a practicing homeopath for 45 years. I studied this science under the direction of a doctor for over 3 years once a week. I have been doing significant studies of my own for the past 45 years. Homeopathy is not a drug it is an herb. It is the practice of curing the patient from ailments with herbs that share a similar reaction. Like cures like. The Queen of England is a homeopath. Homeopathy can be used successfully with modern medicine in reducing the side effects of modern drugs. It has been practiced throughout the ages and modern medicine (drugs) is an infant by comparison to how long homeopathy has been practiced. The principles of homeopathy were passed down to us from Dr. Hahnemann (Germany) and is older than any drug company in existence. Used properly one can effect a “cure” sometimes temporary but can also lead to full remission. There is absolutely no comparison between homeopathy and drugs save for the fact that many drug companies are trying to use herbs in their drugs, which may not produce the desired effect as drugs overpower the simple effects of the herb. Herbs react on the immune system offering a suggestion (with repetition) that the symptoms cease – and sometimes they do. I am allergic to most drugs and have found Homeopathy a necessary salvation for what ails me. Homeopathy sound not be regulated as it is not a drug and never could be! Thank goodness. That is the beauty of the herb. Obviously the FDA does not understand nor does it know anything about the art-cure of homeopathy, sometimes it takes a lifetime of study, which I have been doing. God bless Homeopathy! God bless America.

  22. Jeanna Clifford says:

    Homeopathy has worked well for my family and should not be eliminated as a practice. While it may not be for everyone (those that have limited beliefs and limited understanding of the science behind it for example). It’s a freedom that should not be infringed upon for those that it works for wanting alternatives to allopathic medicine with all it’s negative side effects.

  23. Gurneet Arora says:

    I belive in homeopathy my situation was worsened by allopathy in childhood n was treated by homeopathy n since then i decided to be a homeopath there are many allopaths who have converted to homeopath in india if given chance it will be best

  24. Jessica says:

    I love my homeopathy!

    Homeopathy has been the only thing that has helped me actually feel better and I’ve never been healthier. Pharmaceutical companies have only made me sicker over the years. Using homeopathy, I have eliminated previous health conditions I suffered from and eliminated the need for pharmaceutical drugs and this is what pharmaceutical companies are afraid of. To them, it’s about the profits, not the health of our population! Homeopathy WORKS!

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