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HSA Upgrade

HSA Upgrade

Help us fight for expanded Health Savings accounts. Action Alert!

For many years, ANH-USA has supported efforts that would allow Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Saving Account (FSA) funds to pay for dietary supplements. Federal bills including this reform have been introduced in 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2019, but have not yet passed. Congressman Buddy Carter (GA-1) is taking the initiative by petitioning the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to allow Americans to use HSA, FSA, and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) funds to cover the cost of dietary supplements that carry FDA-approved health claims or structure/function claims.

The “or” in that sentence is important; the FDA is extremely restrictive in the health claims it approves for supplements, but structure/function claims do not require pre-approval. Structure/function claims describe the role of a nutrient in affecting the normal structure or function of the human body (e.g., “calcium builds strong bones” and “fiber maintains bowel regularity.”

HSAs allow consumers to pay for current health care expenses and save for future expenses. They offer a number of advantages. First, HSA contributions are tax-deductible. Second, the interest earned on money in the account is tax-free. Third, tax-free withdrawals can be made for qualified medical expenses. HSAs are also a good way to put money aside for health expenses later in life, when these costs may increase.

Allowing HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs to cover the cost of dietary supplements will expand consumer access to products that can make us healthier. We must urge our members of the House of Representatives to join Rep. Carter in petitioning the IRS for this change.

Action Alert! Write to your member of the House and urge them to support Rep. Carter’s efforts to expand HSAs, FSAs and HRAs. Please send your message immediately.

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7 thoughts on “HSA Upgrade

  • Jes

    Dietary supplements play a key role in preventing illness and disease, and being able to cover them with an HSA would be very beneficial

  • Marco de la Rosa

    HSAs allow consumers to pay for current health care expenses and SAVE for future expenses. They offer a number of advantages, including that HSA contributions are tax-deductible, the interest earned on money in the account is TAX-FREE and tax-free withdrawals can be made for qualified medical expenses

    HSAs are also a good way to put money aside for health expenses later in life, when these costs may increase.

  • Jonathan

    I can’t say what the financial ramifications such a request will be( with the governments involved). Our country is increasingly distracted and unmindful of life’s eventualities. However, I think anything that could be give people other options than going to doctors and almost mandatorily be handed a script for something at the pharmacy to substitute for just good regular health practices.. something covered that helps people take control of their health more responsibly than to go to a doctor and “drug it away” could be of value.
    Vitamins and minerals require a fair amount of research shopping to discover what will actually not be a waste of your money as most of them do little to nothing in the amounts they are absorbed in the body. But monetarily supporting the ability to support your body’s needs with supplements instead of pharmaceuticals remains an important option to have.

  • Pat

    Wrong on all six responses. Do you really want the government and the FDA to take complete control over natural supplements? Are you really thinking??? You’ll have skyrocketing costs as “natural” supplements will be controlled 100% by the government agencies and the FDA.They will cost as much as a “prescriptions” and you will be signing over and giving them “authority” over all supplements including the medicinal herbal industry” If these “natural” supplements can “cure” disease, then they will end up costing as much as a “prescription” and will become controlled. You will no longer have control to diagnose your own body and will be giving up your “right” to your own body and the right to the foods you choose to EAT. Hippocrates said,” Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. So the few pennies you save will end up costing much much more and ruin your rights to govern yourself and eat what you choose. Broccoli contains selenium, do you want this to be a controlled substance? Seriously, vote with you fork and think before you give up more of you rights to people who don’t care about you and only care about profit.You people are not “thinking”. PLEASE, If you are concerned about your money and yourself, give up some other things in your life that are not healthy to save your hard earned dollars. Your only going cause natural products to not be affordable for everyone and give complete control of ‘FOOD’ !!!

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