International Strategic Alliance Dinner; February 2, 2009

The International Strategic Alliance Inaugural Dinner
You are invited to learn more about the International Strategic Alliance, formed by Jonathan Emord, the Alliance for Natural Health International, the Canadian Natural Health Collective and Herb Works, to promote integrative medicine and dietary supplements.
Who Are We?
The International Strategic Alliance is committed to working proactively on an international scale to promote integrative medicine and dietary supplements through litigation, education and collaboration.globalteam 
Natural products are being attacked through legislation, the regulatory system, and in courts throughout the United States and abroad. It is time to fight back.
We can’t transform the current medical monopoly to one that embraces natural health products by acting defensively. We must execute a proactive strategy that gets to the very heart of the problem to the cause. We must challenge the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) authority, for example, as opposed to continuing to challenge their rulings one by one.
To this end, Emord & Associates, on behalf of ANH International’s U.S. office (ANH-USA), has filed three lawsuits against the FDA, seeking to expand permissible, qualified health claims and protect manufacturers from archaic rules that deem any product “adulterated” for mere recordkeeping violations. ANH-USA is also working with Congress to introduce a bill that would permit manufacturers to cite peer-reviewed, scientific literature in support of the benefits of their products in the marketplace. Our European and Canadian counterparts are working on equally critical, proactive measures.
Learn More
To learn more about the International Strategic Alliance join our select group of industry leaders at a dinner in Washington, DC on Tuesday February 2nd, 2010 to learn more about the work we are doing to protect your right to manufacture and market your products domestically and globally.
At this dinner you will hear from key members of the alliance and have an opportunity to discuss how we can work together to promote the global natural products industry:
Jonathan Emord: leading advocate and well-versed attorney known for successfully fighting the FDA for its discriminatory policies against natural health products. Mr. Emord served as lead counsel in the Pearson v. Shalala (D.C. Cir. 1999); Pearson v. Shalala (D.C.D.C. 2001); Pearson v. Thompson (D.C.D.C. 2001); and Whitaker v. Thompson (D.C.D.C. 2002) cases, holding FDA censorship of nutrient-disease relationship claims unconstitutional.
Dr Robert Verkerk: founder, Scientific and Executive Director of ANH, internationally-acclaimed expert in sustainable and natural health. Dr. Verkerk has over 25 years experience shaping the regulatory and scientific framework affecting natural health in order to develop more sustainable, natural and biologically compatible approaches to healthcare.
Set the Agenda ~ Reserve Your Seat!
Please email Gemma Salteri at [email protected] by January 15th to reserve your seat at the table on February 2nd, 2010 or call 202.467.1985 to participate in this groundbreaking roundtable discussion. Limited seating space.

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