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JAMA Reports that Vitamin B6 May Reduce Lung Cancer. Will the FDA Turn Natural B6 into a Drug?

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logo.225x76In stark contrast to Consumer Reports Health’s profoundly negative view of supplements comes a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reporting that high levels of vitamin B6 may reduce lung cancer risk.

JAMA represents the heart of the medical establishment and has heretofore been the source of many poorly designed studies critical of supplements. But this study was different.
According to the Science News article on the JAMA study, “People with vitamin B6 levels ranking in the top one-fourth of all the samples taken had less than half the risk of lung cancer as those with the lowest vitamin B6. A similar comparison found that people with high levels of methionine seemed to have almost half the cancer risk of people with low levels. High folate levels seemed to give less protection. But having stellar levels of all three compounds lowered a person’s risk of lung cancer by a full two-thirds, the scientists calculated, after accounting for whether they were a smoker, former smoker, or a never-smoker. The findings may indicate that long-term exposure to the vitamins is the key, says Graham Colditz, a physician and epidemiologist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.”
This is especially fascinating when you consider that the JAMA study was based on medical data from 380,000 Europeans. So here is European data confounding the work of the European authorities, who are trying to put absurdly low limits on vitamin and supplement levels.
And don’t forget that the FDA has already turned one natural form of vitamin B6 into a prescription drug (because a drug company wanted it) and may do the same to the most important natural form of B6. This remaining natural form of B6, called P5P, is the only form that your body can directly use to keep you alive and to prevent both heart disease and cancer. Other forms must be converted into P5P and not everyone does it efficiently. If you have not already sent a message to the FDA protesting the possible conversion of P5P into a drug at the behest of a drug company, please do so now.

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