6 responses to “Kombucha Madness”

  1. Mary Richter says:

    .5% vs 22 in scope. Bunch of bs

  2. walter77777 says:

    If Kombucha has 5% alcohol and this is not posted on the container it poses a terrible menace to recovering alcoholics. Such a beverage or food might send a recovering alcoholic on a bender from which he might have much difficulty recovering.

    • Bradford says:

      Obviously, *DUDE*, you are NOT a friend of Bill Wilson….
      It’s > .5%…. NOT “5%”…. That’s POINT5percent…., not 5%….
      Any “RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC” who doesn’t know the difference NEEDS to get drunk…. Not that there’s >nosome< alcohol is long….
      Like Mary Richter above says: "Scope" mouthwash contains 22% alcohol, and it's NOT regulated like booze!…. Why should Kombucha be any different?….
      You can go back to sleep now, Mr. Sheeple…..
      (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  3. Savannah says:

    These share buttons don’t work?

  4. Deborah Entwistle says:

    Well I drink it all the time and it in no way gets you drunk or even slightly high and it is sold in grocery stores who do not have a license to sell alcohol. Massachusetts would definitely classify it as an alcohol if they could tax it in some way.

  5. Thomas Waldenfels says:

    What kind of moron are you? Apparently one who doesn’t know how to spell breaking or religious. Or are you a government troll? Couldn’t they find anyone better?
    “What about recovering alcoholics and people with religions beliefs that prohibit the consumption of alcohol?!”
    Here’s how that works in the land of the free. They can choose not to drink it.
    The FDA initiative is absurd.

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