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Latest European Court of Justice Ruling on Supplements: Comme ci, Comme ça

Latest European Court of Justice Ruling on Supplements: Comme ci, Comme ça

justiceAn important ruling was recently handed down by the European Court of Justice in April about supplement regulation.

First the bad:

The court accepted the scientific methodology that our Dr. Rob Verkerk has so effectively shown to be highly flawed. This is not too surprising. What do judges know about science?
But there is some good too:
The Court also ruled that national governments or the European Commission cannot implement excessively low maximum vitamin levels without demonstrating “genuine” or “real” risks to human health. ANH- Europe believes that this ‘supreme view’ from the highest court in Europe could pave the way for preventing disproportionate bans on particular molecular forms of nutrients that are known to be safe (and beneficial) at supplemental doses currently used. For more on this story, please see the following report from ANH-Intl.
This latest ruling underscores the important role that the courts are playing in natural healthcare in Europe. In the European community, real legislative democracy is in full retreat. More and more decisions are not made by democratically elected legislators but by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The only counter-weight to the suffocating regulatory demands coming out of Brussels are the courts. ANH-Intl has gone to the courts in the past and will do so again. Even when court decisions are mixed, as in this most recent case, they are still on balance a blessing for natural health. And the threat of court action is just about the only thing that still restrains the otherwise out of control regulators.
Does this affect U.S. citizens? Absolutely. The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels will try to make their rules worldwide under the slogan of “harmonization” and “trade harmonization.” Better to fight these battles in Europe, both for the Europeans and ultimately for all of us.

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19 thoughts on “Latest European Court of Justice Ruling on Supplements: Comme ci, Comme ça

  • Jim Lupino

    I cannot imagine food prices are cheaper in Europe than here. Our food qulity has been shown to be devastatingly decreased through the last half-century. Is the whole world Hell-bent?

    • Isabelle Hidaka

      I disagree…being from France and living now in NY prices for food there are outrageous specially in rural areas where you pay the same as NYC prices .We pay the export prices over there and the taxes added are high on food (fresh food just as canned food) and…anything organic is double or triple.
      My 80 years old mother as always been counting her pennies before and since her retirement .She never splurges on anything; there isn’t room for it…it comes down to choices to make.
      Even when I visit it is a streched compare to NY and if you happened to be there in the summer in the south.of France…prices triple for the season!

  • Patricia Abbott

    Excessively low maximum levels in vitamin supplement fly in the face of recent research that people are not getting enough of the RDA in nutritionally depleted foods. D3 has recently gotten a lot of attention as low dosages are not sufficient to protect against heart disease and other health issues.
    I personally rely on high dose supplements of not only D3 but also Omega-3 and CoQ10 for support of my cardiovascular system since I am unable. because of allergies and sensitivites, to take the usual prescription medications recommended for heart attach and the angioplasty with stent that I experienced last year.
    Because I rely on supplements for my continuing good health I am opposed to any limits on dosage in supplements.
    By the way, I am doing very well according to my cardiologist following my recent annual follow-up; he told me to keep on doing what I am doing. My primary physician concurs.

  • tanya marquette

    Considering the active efforts to destroy DSHEA regs in the USA and push for control of the holisitc vitamin and supplement market, this is a bit of good news. Need to have some of that once in awhile!
    However, the health goon squads will not accept this defeat and will try to impose their will.
    Currently, what is the status of the GMO labeling battle ongoing?

  • Andrew Jacobson

    It is clear by common sense alone that most of the bureaucratic decisions that are that are passed down are more for the selective few who will gain from the legislation than they are for the layperson. What ever happened to the free market place? Special interest group are trying to control everything for the sake of big profits by cornering the market. Isn’t it time we all just stopped using pharmaceutical drugs to teach big business a lesson?

    • Cherie

      The fear of the general public ‘stopping’ the use of pharmaceutical drugs is the reason that big Pharma and other special interest groups are spending millions of dollars to outlaw and/or control natural alternatives. The only regulating that needs to be done is for setting up independent (outside of government) citizen groups to monitor and validate the holistic drugs that are currently on the market. There will always be businesses out there that are looking to make money off of false efficacy claims… and they will need to be weeded out.

    • Marsha Clark

      It is all a money game to keep everyone of us ill malnourished and taking pills that harm! It oils our current Political machine. Feds get money from big Pharma,,docs get money and trips from big Pharma, FDA makes money,lawyers get big money from lawsuits filed .That is why it is Known as the health care Industry! God designed our bodies to heal with proper nutrition not drugs! I will take of myself thank you! Leave my food and supplements alone!

  • Sue G

    The wording is very confusing here… what do you mean implement low maximum vitamin levels?
    Maximum for what? Maximum that could be put in a pill without a prescription?

  • Supplements must not be regulated as drugs. We must have a choice so we can come as close as possible to optimal health which prescription drugs will not provide. Organic foods must be truly organic. The present rules/laws are adequate in this regard.

  • Sandra Lane

    We live in France. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2001 while still living in the US. I “cured” myself with an organic diet (no wheat, sugar, or dairy) for a year and a particular type of energy medicine. I did not subject myself to the traditional drugs. After a year of the diet and 6 months of treatment, I was almost symptom free. I now eat what I want but I eat as organically as possible. Every time I come and go from the US, I lug all kinds of supplements back to France. I always thought that I couldn’t find supplements here because the French, like most Europeans, are not into vitamins like us crazy Americans. Now I see that they really have not had much choice. I believe in preventive medicine and I believe in intelligent, informed use of supplements as one way to achieve health. I am totally appalled and terrified by the kinds of legislation that is coming from people so uninformed on the subject, both in the US and in Europe. That we are even having this argument is scary. What’s next?

    • Viviane Paolini

      They are not really uninformed, they are bought by BigPharma. That’s all. It is all about greed and power. We are the little people, but they do not know that we can fight for our freedom to choose, and we will win.

  • Alfiya Aleeva

    but by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels financed by leaders of the world who spread their staff all over the vital organizations to dictate or at least influence on their decisions. In this world all already heavily controlled and stupidity of the law make such a nonsense that ordinary person can not take it without heart pain. here is the answer to one of my fight with laboratory analyst when I have sent him an evidence that nobody can claim certain limit or dosage one for everyone as nobody knows their diet about or presence of certain vitamin and mineral in his body. Therefore any tiny dosage unless it is natural will anyway benefit as you know. THE REPLY AS FOLLOWS :
    I can only advise you as to what the law currently allows. Only claims that are agreed and established by the mainstream scientific community can be made. Claims based on ‘New science’ must first be approved by the European Food Safety Agency based on a dossier of scientific evidence that you (or the industry) must submit. The nutritional requirements of the main minerals, for labelling purposes, are clearly established in law and do not depend on whether they are ‘natural’ or in what combination they are consumed. The law clearly requires that only those minerals that are present in the product in a nutritionally significant amount (in the eyes of the law) may be declared and claimed.

  • Trisha OConnell

    Interesting that we all treated our self with herbs. Now because the drug company have gotten a real strong foot hold in to each country. They do not want to lose out on there cash. They scare
    the public. The public is misinformed. We think we need drugs, droctors. What we need are people who are allowing us to have the supplements we need. We who have been lucky enough to find Young Living Oils. We have seen raising our vibration can do in our life. So many people suffer the pain of emotional trama to pain of pain in their body. They have cut them self off to them self and others. The medicine and western thinking keeps us in drama. When using essential oils lifts us out of pain….The doctors want to put us back in pain. How can we the people find our emotional health and wellness. With out drugs. Stop and listen to those who want to learn….Young Living can save your life….! Jump in with both feet and learn. Contact me in the US http://trishoconnell.younglivingworld.com And if you live in http://dolfcheng.younglivingworld.com God bless your journey…!

  • Gloria

    The Brussels group is acting like a bunch of Nazis. They might lliterally be Nazis. My suspicion is based on a book I read out of the Whittier library about 40 years ago called The Devil’s Chemist which stated that during the early formative years of the Nazi party it was primarily controlled by a German pharmaceutical company who’s stated intent was to replace everything natural with their products. Now of course vitamins are not out of the wild natural but they do provide us with a means under our own control to turn back the results of eating vitamin deficient overprocessed unnatural foods, instead of running to a doctor for drugs. We still have to fight for our freedom.

  • Regarding the bureaucrats who promote this nonsense denying us the legitimate use of nutritional supplements, I have invented a bumper sticker (go ahead, make you own) NEUTER FERAL BUREAUCRATS. Seriously, scathing ridicule and sarcasm to the point where they beg for mercy is the order of the day. Wherever they are, treat them as though they were 3-year old garbage as long as they continue to inflict these indignities and aggressions against us. We need to find names and office locations and pay them visits to non-violently let them know we will not tolerate their nonsense. Jon

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