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Latest European Court of Justice Ruling on Supplements: Comme ci, Comme ça

Latest European Court of Justice Ruling on Supplements: Comme ci, Comme ça
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justiceAn important ruling was recently handed down by the European Court of Justice in April about supplement regulation.

First the bad:

The court accepted the scientific methodology that our Dr. Rob Verkerk has so effectively shown to be highly flawed. This is not too surprising. What do judges know about science?
But there is some good too:
The Court also ruled that national governments or the European Commission cannot implement excessively low maximum vitamin levels without demonstrating “genuine” or “real” risks to human health. ANH- Europe believes that this ‘supreme view’ from the highest court in Europe could pave the way for preventing disproportionate bans on particular molecular forms of nutrients that are known to be safe (and beneficial) at supplemental doses currently used. For more on this story, please see the following report from ANH-Intl.
This latest ruling underscores the important role that the courts are playing in natural healthcare in Europe. In the European community, real legislative democracy is in full retreat. More and more decisions are not made by democratically elected legislators but by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The only counter-weight to the suffocating regulatory demands coming out of Brussels are the courts. ANH-Intl has gone to the courts in the past and will do so again. Even when court decisions are mixed, as in this most recent case, they are still on balance a blessing for natural health. And the threat of court action is just about the only thing that still restrains the otherwise out of control regulators.
Does this affect U.S. citizens? Absolutely. The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels will try to make their rules worldwide under the slogan of “harmonization” and “trade harmonization.” Better to fight these battles in Europe, both for the Europeans and ultimately for all of us.

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