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Miracle Molecules That Reverse Biological Age

Miracle Molecules That Reverse Biological Age
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From ANH-International

How would you like to turn back your biological clock a few years – or even a decade or more? I don’t just mean so you might look better on the outside, as that can, after all, be just cosmetic.

I’m talking here about the genuine reversal of ageing that affects the inside of your body as well, from your brain to your big toes. Reducing the risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer. Feeling like you’re bounding with energy as you might have been years or even decades ago. In fact, reversing ageing so comprehensively that you can confirm your clock-reversing feat via one of the most robust markers of ageing and disease risk – your telomere length. For those who aren’t familiar, telomeres are the caps made up of repetitive nucleotide sequences at the ends of chromosomes that play a key role in complete chromosome replication and their length is a strong predictor of potential life span.  

Is this just science fiction, or is it something we’re still waiting to hear about from some Californian biotech spin-off that Aubrey de Grey may have been linked to?

As it happens, neither is the case. It can be done, and it is being done by those in the know. Sadly, what many of us who’ve been studying this area for some time might regard as the most powerful approach to biological age reversal currently known on the planet, is barely known outside limited groups of anti-ageing specialists. The approach works directly against Big Pharma’s model that benefits from a world awash with lots of sick people who take its drugs on the recommendation of doctors who consider they have, courtesy of their education and licensing boards, few other options. Remarkably, the scientific achievements in the form of biological age reversal I’m talking about have happened without any support from the biggest economic powerhouse in research and media dissemination in the world – Big Pharma itself.

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