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More Mainstream Media Censorship

More Mainstream Media Censorship
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This time directed at Joseph Mercola, MD.

Mercola.com is a key natural health resource on line. We couldn’t recommend it more strongly for advice on every imaginable topic. And it is free.

Dr. Mercola recently released a new book, Fat for Fuel. This cutting-edge book focuses in particular on how to optimize mitochondrial function, but is a general guide to the healthiest diet.

Unfortunately, it seems the same media outlets that amplify bad nutrition advice, perhaps because of their Pharma and Big Food advertisers, are determined to censor those giving good advice. Fat for Fuel became an instant best seller when it was released in May, selling more copies than any other adult non-fiction book according to Nielsen ratings. Curiously, though, Fat for Fuel didn’t reach even the top fifteen in the New York Times best sellers list. Why? The Times said Fat for Fuel was disqualified because too many sales went through Amazon.

This rationale doesn’t pass the laugh test.

The only reasonable conclusion seems to be that the New York Times does not approve of the content of the book, and so does not want to promote it on its list. By doing so, they are denying their readers crucial information for their health.

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