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The “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” is now in conference committee, the conferees have been named, and meetings have begun. We still have an opportunity to make sure the Waxman amendment threatening supplements doesn’t end up in the final version of the bill—if we act quickly.

On June 9, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named ten members of the House Financial Services Committee to the conference committee: Frank (D-Massachusetts); Kanjorski (D-Pennsylvania); Waters (D California); Maloney (D-New York), Gutierrez (D-Illinois); Watt (D-North Carolina); Meeks (D-New York); Moore (D-Kansas); Kilroy (D-Ohio) and Peters (D-Michigan); Bachus (R-Alabama); Barton (R-Texas); Graves (R-Missouri); Issa (D-California); Lucas (R- Oklahoma); Smith (R-Texas); Royce (R-California); Biggert (R-Illinois); Capito (R-West Virginia); Hensarling (R-Texas) and Garrett (R-New Jersey).
The House members will now join the Senate conferees: Dodd (D-Connecticut); Shelby (R-Alabama); Johnson (D-South Dakota); Reed (D-Rhode Island); Schumer (D-New York); Corker (R-Tennessee); Crapo (R-Idaho); and Gregg (R-New Hampshire). Also appointed as negotiators are Senators Lincoln (D-Arkansas); Chambliss (R-Georgia); Leahy (D-Vermont); and Harkin (D-Iowa).
The first conference meeting was last Thursday. Estimates are that the bill might make it out of committee before the July 4 recess, your action now is critical.

However long the conferees take, now is the time make sure the conference committee removes the FTC powers expansion language currently in the House version of the bill.
We need to make sure that Waxman’s amendment threatening supplements, which was accepted in the House’s version of the bill but never came up in the Senate because of the pressure YOU placed on them, doesn’t get put back into the final, reconciled version of the bill that goes back to both chambers for final passage. This could be a devastating piece of legislation for anyone who uses dietary supplements.
If you have not already done so, please TAKE ACTION immediately! We’ve made so much progress—we can’t let this final opportunity slip through our fingers.

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