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Nineteen Members of Congress Ask FDA for Official Warning About Mercury in Dental Filling Amalgams

A bipartisan letter authored by Rep. Diane Watson (D-CA) and Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), and co-signed by congresswomen and men from twelve states, has been sent to the FDA urging them to require clear warnings about mercury toxicity to every dental patient, and to establish specific protections for children and young women.

For thirty years, FDA has failed to classify mercury dental amalgam, even though it is required to do so as a legal prerequisite to the sale of any implants. “Classifying” a product or device puts it in one of FDA’s three regulatory classes based on the level of control necessary to assure the safety and effectiveness of the device. The failure of the FDA to classify mercury amalgam is all the more questionable given the fact that in September 2006 a joint panel of FDA advisers rejected an FDA finding that amalgams are safe.
With the FDA under a court order to classify mercury amalgam by this July 28, the nineteen members of Congress wrote FDA Acting Commissioner Sharfstein to insist that;

  • FDA require the industry to correctly label “silver” fillings to reflect their predominate component, mercury;
  • require all parents of children under the age of 18 to sign a written consent form indicating that they are fully aware of the potential negative effects of mercury; and
  • require a verbal warning given by dentists to patients over 18 years noting the high toxicity of mercury and the potential of neurological problems.

The congressional letter reflects an in-depth understanding of the dangers of mercury fillings, noting that “vapors from mercury can traverse the placenta of pregnant women and threaten the development of the fetus. . . . Mercury is a known neurotoxin, the third most toxic element as listed by the CERLA Priority List of Hazardous Substances. . . . Dental amalgam is the predominant source of human exposure to mercury.”

Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming, the ranking Republican on the health committee, has promised to ask Dr. Hamburg in writing whether the FDA, consistent with its website warnings, will protect children and pregnant women from amalgam.

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5 thoughts on “Nineteen Members of Congress Ask FDA for Official Warning About Mercury in Dental Filling Amalgams

  • In this year of 2010 I heard that “silver” fillings had already been withdrawn from dental use because their mercury content is toxic.
    Is this hopeful story untrue…?
    Do these toxic fillings remain in use?
    And are any of the people who talk about “limiting” their use aware that the chemical sensitives who suffer most from toxic exposures are NOT slways “children” or “pregnant women???”

  • adriana meucci

    Mercury is toxic, and I would like warnings to all dental patients about it……the lies have gone on far to long.

  • I first saw the gases in the movie “The Beautiful Truth.” It was a real eye opener. I’m sure many will question that the pictures are real. I for one believe that the only time the government is lying is when they open there mouths. Why don’t we tell the truth and say it the way it is, government for the money, by the money and of the money. Please take out the big guns someday and give Dr. Royal Raymone Rife and Dr Max Gerson there rightful place on Mt Rushmore. The cures these men found and can’t be denied any longer should be practiced everywhere. Lets hope the common people can last long enough to see all these crazy pills from big pharma go down the tubes. Also if these cures are used can u imagine how many hospitals and all workers affliated with them being cut by what, 75% or more. In reality health care should be free to every living creature on the planet, and I mean good care, not the crazy kill more therapy and things they use now. Our food is made to make us sick and the powers that rule us know it. They are also paid well to keep it that way. Every person I take to agrees that this is happening but don’t know what to do about it. I just hope that God or whatever power put us here comes back and cleans this mess up. I’m sure if the supreme being is watching us they are in shock by what we do on this planet. I know I am. If people think that we are the only living intellegent being in all existence, they surly are a arrogant and narrow minded bunch. We have to be a joke to those that watch us. We are a joke the way we treat this planet and its people. The indians where really much further ahead than what we give them credit for. I could babble on forever, and I know this will mean nothing to anyone in the scheme of things. But you asked and I’ve told. bye

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