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Nuked Almonds Are Not “Raw”

Nuked Almonds Are Not “Raw”

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Tell USDA to Keep Raw, Organic Almonds Truly Raw!
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The US Court of Appeals is deciding a lawsuit between almond ranchers and the USDA. The plaintiffs are seeking to reverse the “almond rule,” instituted after some salmonella outbreaks, requiring that all almonds be sterilized..
Please contact USDA Secretary Thomas Vilsack and ask him to put a hold on the almond rule at least until they open it up to public hearing and comment, and ask that organic almonds be exempted since their processing plants have higher quality controls and there have been no salmonella outbreaks in connection to organic almonds.

Raw and Organic Almonds Lawsuit Scores Its First Major Victory
almonds-vitamin-e-lgAugust 10, 2010A group of almond growers has been fighting for three years to keep their almonds from being adulterated against their will. Now their plea will finally be heard in federal court.
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