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Obesogens: Chemicals that Cause Weight Gain

Obesogens: Chemicals that Cause Weight Gain
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It’s not all diet and exercise.

From Environmental Health News

By Gwen Ranniger

Obesity is an increasingly common disease in the United States. The most recent statistics gathered from 2017 to 2020 identify 41.9% of Americans as obese, with the prevalence of severe obesity nearly doubling to 9.2% over the last two decades.

Obesity is a serious condition, increasing the likelihood of health problems like heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes — some of the leading causes of premature death.

We’ve all heard the standard solutions: eat less, exercise more. But there’s more to it: chemicals in our daily lives make it easier to unintentionally gain weight and may even make it more difficult to lose it.

These insidious chemicals are called “obesogens” and some doctors are incorporating this research into their practices and recommendations.

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