OTARD Rule Change— No Escape From 5G

September 2, 2020
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4 responses to “OTARD Rule Change— No Escape From 5G”

  1. Elizabeth Dunning says:

    Please STOP pushing the technology through loopholes when there has been NO safety studies done! The industry went before Congress and said no safety studies have been done, and none are planned!

  2. We don’t want 5G. It doesn’t really benefit us in any major way.

  3. Catherine Consiglieri says:

    I am going to reach out to my neighbors by sending this video and and drawing them into a conversation. Initially hoping to keep my neighborhood free of 5G. Also speak to my local officials.
    Thanks for passing this on and I will pass this on, and so it goes.

  4. Erycka says:

    Let’s protect ourselves with proper understanding of 5G and not try to push boundaries without observation. And knowledge sharing is instrumental in the proper decision making we need for our communities in health and wealth!

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