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Ending the Atrocities
A startling number of reports reveal the FDA is in far worse shape than originally thought. Few people comprehend that they are likely to suffer and die prematurely as a result of FDA’s failures. Http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2009/mar2009_FDA-Ending-the-Atrocities_01
Ending the Atrocities of the FDA; Life Extension Urges Immediate Petition Action for Health Freedom
NaturalNews and LEF are working together to publish this information as widely as possible, calling for urgent action to end the FDA’s tyranny against the American people and the health supplements industry.
FDA Scientists Ask Transition Team to Restructure the Agency
A group of scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team pleading with him to restructure the agency, saying managers have ordered, intimidated and coerced scientists to manipulate data in violation of the law.
Decision on BPA- Is the FDA Conclusion Deeply Flawed?
Thirty-six scientific advisers on an independent panel have concluded that the draft decision of the FDA on BPA used “unacceptable criteria for selecting data and depend(ed) heavily upon a key paper this is fatally flawed.”
FDA Hid Names of Melamine Contaminated Infant Formula Products from the Public
The FDA is now under intense fire for once again betraying the public trust and acting to protect the interests of corporations rather than the people. Http://www.naturalnews.com/News_000554_melamine_infant_formula_FDA.html
FDA Device Reviewers Allege Agency Coerces Unsound Judgments
Some FDA reviewers of devices and diagnostic products have protested to a congressional committee that they have been pressured into approval recommendations that were against their best scientific judgments.
Ailing FDA May Need a Major Overhaul, Officials and Groups Say
Shaken by a series of alarming failures, the FDA desperately needs an infusion of strong leadership, money, technology and personnel — and perhaps a major restructuring, say former officials, members of Congress, watchdog groups and various government reports.
Rigged Trials: Drug Studies Favor The Manufacturer
If you have often suspected that drug studies are rigged by the pharmaceutical manufacturer, you are right.
FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened w/Arrest if They Don’t Pay Up
Health Supplement Companies are being unfairly targeted by the FDA for posting “drug claims” on their websites. Companies using words like natural cures, treatments and remedies are being harassed for giving nutritional information, even when it is scientifically-supported.
Read Dr. Mercola’s Comments on “FDA Running Extortion Racket”
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FDA Takes End Run to Award Contract to PR Firm
The FDA has hired a PR firm to counter recent bad press, but the move will cost tax payers more since the FDA circumvented standard government contracting procedures.
Death by Medicine
The American medical system is found to be the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.
U.S. Reports of Death, Side Effects from Prescription Drugs Triple
The number of deaths and serious injuries from prescription and over-the-counter drugs climbed from 34,966 to 89,842, according to a report in a September 2007 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.
Studies Show FDA-Approved Drugs Don’t Work and Cause Other Health Issues
Popular cholesterol-lowering drug Vytorin does not prevent heart disease. And the drug Avandia, widely used to lower diabetics’ blood sugar levels, increases the risk of heart attacks.
Drugs the FDA Says You Can’t Have
Americans suffer and die even though effective drugs to treat their diseases are approved in other countries. The public is generally aware that novel drugs are sold in Europe and Japan, but intense lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry has blocked the wide-scale availability of these better medications.
FDA Relies on Drug Company Research to Determine Product Safety
The FDA claims that the drugs it approves are “safe” by merely reviewing studies conducted by the drug company requesting government approval.
FDA Decides Not to Approve Prostate Cancer Drug
Despite an approval recommendation by its own advisory panel, the FDA declines approval for Provenge, a new drug designed to extend the lives of patients with advanced prostate cancer by stimulating their immune systems.
FDA Claims Bisphenol-A in Plastic Bottles Not a Health Hazard
Although the Health and Human Services report that BPA may alter human development, the FDA has decided that BPA found in baby bottles, food can linings, and hard plastic bottles is safe. Environmental groups are critical of FDA’s analysis, which they argue are based on studies funded by industry. “It’s ironic FDA would choose to ignore dozens of studies funded by (the National Institutes of Health) — this country’s best scientists — and instead rely on flawed studies from industry,” Pete Myers, chief scientist for Environmental Health Sciences.
The FDA versus Folic Acid
While multiple scientific journal articles point to the health benefits from folic acid, including reducing the incidence of health attack and stroke, the FDA refuses to accept that folic acid has any benefit other than preventing a certain type of birth defect.
FDA Approves Wrong Drug Plant
The Chinese facility that supplies the active ingredient of the widely used blood thinner heparin was never inspected by the Food and Drug Administration because the agency confused its name with another just like it, agency officials said yesterday.
FDA Delays Requiring Cipro Warning
FDA waited nearly two years to call for its most urgent safety warning on Cipro and other antibiotics. In 2006 it had evidence that these drugs may lead to tendon ruptures, a serious injury that can leave patients incapacitated and needing extensive surgery, but ordered a “black box” warning in July 2008.

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