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Parallel Healthcare System?

Parallel Healthcare System?
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That is exactly what we need. Action Alert!
At ANH, we argue that contemporary healthcare systems would be a whole lot less broken if they weren’t so burdened by a range of chronic and degenerative conditions that would be much more effectively dealt with outside the existing hospital/medical/pharma-controlled system.
That means building a system for effective, non-pharma-based self-care. To do that, you need freedom in health choice, therapeutic foods and supplements widely available, and a liberal regime of health claims so people can know what’s good for them. Some people will also need guidance on their health journey, not by a doctor who simply prescribes drugs, but by a suitably qualified and experienced doctor or health professional conversant in personalized lifestyle medicine.
The main features of this parallel system already exist. The new system is akin to the latest breed of electric or hydrogen-powered cars, that most of us already accept will, in the not-too-distant-future, replace vehicles powered by the outdated, inefficient and unsustainable internal combustion engine.
The current industrial players, be they oil or pharma companies, are desperately trying to cling to the status quo from which they’ve profited hugely over the last few decades. But they now need to either adapt or move aside because the business model they’ve relied on has become redundant.
We propose that it’s just a matter of time before the current model of Big Pharma becomes extinct.  This process, we submit, is assured by nature’s immense power, its tendency for self-preservation and its insatiable desire to maintain equilibrium.
-Rob Verkerk, BSc MSc DIC PhD FACN
Founder, executive and scientific director, Alliance for Natural Health International
Scientific director, Alliance for Natural Health USA
This is an excerpt. The complete article is available here.
Action Alert! Write to your representatives in Congress and tell them that, to truly reform healthcare, we must have a parallel healthcare system. Please send your message immediately.

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