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Protect Women’s Right to Choose Natural Bio-identical Estriol

Protect Women’s Right to Choose Natural Bio-identical Estriol

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Save Bio-Identical Hormones

ANH-USA is working to protect access to bio-identical hormones, such as Estriol, from unwarranted interference by the FDA. Take Action>>

Protect Individualized Medicine
Individualized medicine allows a practitioner to develop patient-specific strategies based on an individual’s composition to better prevent, diagnose, and treat health conditions.  The current mainstream medical model is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  ANH-USA has been a strong advocate for individualized medicine – which is the cornerstone of an ‘integrative medical model’ where an individual’s whole body is assessed.  An example of how the existing medical model fails the concept of individualized medicine is outlined below.
Compounding Medicine, Bio-identical Hormones, and Synthetic Hormones Timeline
Dangerous side effects Of FDA-approved hormone therapies
Estriol Research

Herbal supplementsAccess to Estriol In January 2008, the FDA issued several warning letters to compounding pharmacists prohibiting the compounding of medications with estriol—a bio-identical estrogen that is produced naturally by a woman’s body—unless the pharmacist has a valid investigational new drug application on file with the FDA. This action was simultaneous to the FDA’s response to a Citizen Petition filed by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the maker of the synthetic hormone replacement drugs Premarin and Prempro. Wyeth’s petition requested investigations into and enforcement actions against pharmacies engaged in compounding bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, also requested additional consumer-related materials, and FDA to issue an Alert Paper.   Read More>>

FDA Simplifies A Process – Or Is Trying To Kill It
Natural HealthSeptember 30, 2009
AAHF is committed to helping to save estriol for patients.  While the FDA is careful to say that it is not “banning” estriol, they are making the process of prescribing estriol extremely difficult.  Furthermore, they have been attacking compounding pharmacists and have given an order to stop using estriol, and the term “bio-identical” in their hormone replacement formulas. Read More>>

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